Quick Gift Idea: Scarf #2 From Old Cardigan

by Ramona on November 30, 2011

Hey, remember the old celery green cardigan? And the ruffly scarf made out of it? See this blog post to refresh your memory! Well, there was enough left of the cut-up cardi to make another scarf.  I must be on a make-scarf-from-old-cardi binge at the time.

Original cardigan

I’m not sure where the inspiration came from. Maybe the urge to use an old under-used embroidery machine? Maybe, I had just discovered a magazine called “Altered Couture”?

The process: The cannibalized cardigan had enough fabric in the sleeves and back for another horizontal strip. This one had to be pieced. Additionally, I used moss green silk velvet from the stash for lining and extending the scarf length, all in one go.

Rose appliqued sqaures


First, velvet roses were appliqued (using an embroidery card), on two square cardigan pieces (they could have been bead-embellished at this point), then the squares were sewn up to the main cashmere strip on both short ends. Now we have one long cashmere strip with awesome rose appliques at both ends.

CLose up of one scarf end

Lining is the next step. Cut out a velvet strip, same width but 12 inches longer than the main embroidered scarf piece. Right sides together, sew short edges of cashmere and velvet in a ½ inch seam. I harvested the soft grosgrain ribbon from the now-totally-cannibalized cardigan, and applied it to the seam on the right side. See picture on left.  Further embellishment is possible on the ribbon at this point.  On a flat surface and wrong sides out, roll these short cashmere/velvet seams up and down, and adjust so that the cashmere strip is centered on the velvet strip, lengthwise. Note: the finished short ends of the scarf will be on a fold.

Pin the long sides of scarf/lining, right sides together. Check for accuracy (the velvet should extend about 3 inches on each short side of scarf and sew both long edges in a ½ inch seam, leaving a 4 inch opening on one side. Turn right side out through this opening. Hand-sew to close, press lightly and gift-wrap!

Finished scarf

Great for a fashion-obsessed gift recipient! 

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What is your favorite self-made accessory with either new materials, or old ones?

Come on, let us know!


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Glo November 30, 2011 at 11:57 pm

What a cute idea! Love it!


Sue December 1, 2011 at 3:50 pm

This is the perfect thing for the cold mid-west winter that is just around the corner, and a perfect way to reuse/recycle. I wouldn’t mind finding one under the tree this year!

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