Beads, Buttons and Bo!

by Ramona on December 5, 2011

Or, the family dog in buttons.  Take a look at this video on the White House Holiday Decoration Preparations.

Buttoned up Bo

First Dog Bo is rendered in buttons and beads; and there’s another version in felt, another in marshmallows and licorice, and one in pom-poms! We urge you to attempt this really cute Holiday décor idea with your family dog as the model, beginning with a chicken wire form which can be molded to your dog’s likeness, and ending in raiding your button stash. Comment here and on the ASG Facebook page with the results!




No dog? You can do other button craft. Here are a couple of inspiring pictures to get you started.

The button ornament downloaded from Pinterest. Sorry, I cannot locate the origin of this image.

Little buttoned up dress form


A sewing room must-have, or a gift for a seamstress: little button-covered dress form from the Button Floozies blog! Click through to see all their other stuff.

The Button Floozies blog is just what the doctor ordered in this season of holiday merrymaking, holiday cooking, holiday sewing and holiday flu!

Have you already raided your button box for button-y Holiday décor or gifts??   Let us know by leaving a comment below, or on the ASG Facebook page. Send pictures, people!


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ann March 19, 2012 at 3:45 pm

My loved buttons are sorted in a shoe box…or so I thought untill I watched my three grandchildren play with the unwanted buttons in a peanut butter jar. They are 8, 4, 2 years and each finds fun things to do with them individualy and as a group. They sort by color, size, number of holes; or laying them out to make pictures or patterens; and then there is ‘string’ (pipe cleaers), both for fun or as a compitition. Now I fine the play buttons are ones I love the most.

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