Sewn by Mom in 1939

by Ramona on December 21, 2011

Sewn in 1939!

Take a look at the little 9 year old girl with glasses, standing behind her siblings. She and her seated sister are wearing matching outfits sewn by their mother in 1939! They’re wearing cotton velveteen jackets; our girl’s jacket is a wine color, and her sister’s is medium blue. The plaid skirts coordinate with the jackets. Note the puffed sleeves and the alternating button styles on the velveteen jackets. And – I love how they are styled with a belt! So vintage 1939 …………

Their brothers had no such luck – their clothing was purchased. Beautiful outfits and beautiful family!

Our gal in the back is none other than Vera Kelley, who is now 81 years young! Vera distinctly remembers the fabric and colors of these outfits stitched by her mother 72 years ago! Since the ASG became self-managed and the Headquarter office was set up in 2001, Vera has actively volunteered once a week to help out with anything, from membership card stuffing to helping with Annual Conference preparations. Thank you, dear Vera!

Do you have pictures from your childhood where you are wearing garments made by your mom, aunt or grandma? Please send pictures and descriptions to Put “Sewn by Mom” in the subject line. We’ll compile the pictures and post them on this blog.


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