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New Year Sewing Resolutions are for the Birds. Oh Wait, …

by Samina on January 2, 2012

…. I made a sewing resolution in 2010, and again in 2011. Here’s the story of a successful sewing resolution of the past: The promise first made in January 2010, was fulfilled for the past two years, upgrading the status to “habit”.

In 2010, inspired by some committed sewing bloggers, coupled with a ridiculously large fabric stash I made this resolution: refrain from purchasing ready to wear clothing; instead, sew everything. Shoes & underwear were not included, although for a fleeting moment I considered including underwear in the “do not buy” list. I can make a bra, you know, thanks to an ASG class by Anne St Claire. But it was a little risky. What if I was left with fewer undergarments than I began with? Uh-uh. Also, fabric & pattern purchases were off the table since acquiring fabric and patterns is the hallmark of a self-respecting sewing enthusiast.

Not a thread of RTW was purchased in 2010 and 2011; instead I made what I needed. As we go into 2012, I look back and think  either a fabulous wardrobe could have emerged, or I could have been in rags by now. I think the results were not too bad, although the “fabulous wardrobe” is still an elusive thing.  In 2010 the outcome was very successful considering the limited amount of sewing time allotted. What happened in 2011? Let’s just say fewer projects were completed. Pathetic, but I stuck with the plan.

Much worn Belgian linen bias cowl top

Mind you, my wardrobe most needed everyday items for work, not a collection of special occasion wear. I stuck to sewing only what my business and casual lifestyle demanded. Some items are already threadbare with constant wear since 2010, and others were worn only once. But I had such fun sewing up the once-worn item! I know, contradictory, but …..

There is only one reason that I can think of which helped me stick to the plan: the specific nature of the resolution. I did not promise to “sew more”; instead, I honed the resolve to fit into a smaller parameter of not paying money for clothing made on someone else’s sewing machine!

Worn only once, but much loved Scarlett O’Hara dress

Disclaimer: RTW industry, I have nothing against you. You are my inspiration for sewing fashion! My favorite subscriptions are to fashion, style and shopping (and sewing) magazines! RTW, other members of my family do their share of supporting you!

ASG members and other readers, comment here with your own successful (or unsuccessful) sewing resolutions in years past.


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