Sew Brilliantly, or The Great $1000 Sewing Challenge of 2011

by Ramona on February 10, 2012

This post is an example of how our members move other sewers to go forth and SEW BRILLIANTLY.

Judy Gonzales is an ASG member who personified the ASG mission statement (see banner above) when she issued this sewing challenge first to her Neighborhood Group, then to ASG members of the Houston Chapter. Here was the challenge:

“Find an image of a high end item: fashion, home décor or accessory with a retail value of $1,000 or more. “Re-invent” it, but be true to the intent of the original”. You get Judy’s idea…..

Some members took Judy’s challenge seriously and crafted their project brilliantly. The results were announced & displayed at the annual meeting of the Houston Chapter in December 2011. Take a look at some results. Be impressed & inspired.

Member Ann Leudeman invoked the British Royal wedding extravaganza by creating her own fascinator.


Judy Gonzales' bag and the original inspiration

Member Judy Gonzales took inspiration from a Michael Kors bag and look what she did! And then ………. Judy went bananas.  She did not stop with the MK bag; she made a needle felted bag inspired by a Chanel purse, and then she saw earrings worn by Drew Barrymore in an advertisement and made a pair for herself. 

Judy Gonzales' needle felted bag and the inspiration


Judy's earrings & the inspiration picture


Marilyn Bullen's bag, and image of the original inspiration

Member Marilyn Bullen was inspired by a Ralph Lauren hobo style bag and rocked her own version with hand painted motifs which reflected the colors and spirit of the original. Note Marilyn’s initials in the same spot where the Ralph Lauren company put in theirs!

Member Hazel Holland used a Bottega Venetta handbag as a very expensive inspiration and look what she hath wrought.

Hazel's Bottega Venetta-inspired bag

Barbara Jones was inspired by Brunello Cucinelli

Member Barbara Jones took inspiration from a Brunello Cucinelli bag retailing for more than $3000 and created a bag worthy of the most luxe accessory wardrobe.

Most of the featured projects here are accessories, so how about a “Fashion $1000 Challenge”? Is anyone game? Anyone can participate, just for fun and bragging rights.

Readers, this is how ASG members are inspired to keep sewing whether it’s for themselves, or someone else, or for community service purposes!  We know there are sewing enthusiasts out there who have sewn brilliantly, inspired by a very highly priced item. Let us know and send pictures to our Facebook or to me at saminaATasgDOTorg. Please do comment here — our aim is your enjoyment & inspiration whether you are a member or not!

We know you’re inspired. Right?


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Beverly Belaska February 11, 2012 at 12:40 am

Some of the neighborhood groups in St. Louis have challenges. I am group leader for the Central Daytime group. Our challenge this year is to make a purse out of repurposed fabrics or items. Another group (Fenton Daytime) has selected a fabric and you must do a charity project from it. The South County Chainstitchers will announce their challenge at this Tuesday’s meeting. It is so much fun to see how creative our members are. Some of the groups will wear or display their challenges from last year at our Fashion show on April 15

Samina February 15, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Beverly, can we see some of your challenge results sometime in the future? You can upload pictures on the ASG Facebook! I so agree with you in that it’s fun to challenge members and other sewers — that’s when you can see the concentration of creative talent in ASG! Keep challenging & keep sewing…

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