A Yo-Yo Tale

by Ramona on March 2, 2012

Once in a while there comes along a realization that one was so wrong about a past outlook.  I once laughed at my friend who wore a vest decorated with yo-yos – laughed to her face, that is. Today, I apologize to her. I’ve come to love yo-yos. My application is a little different than the yo-yo made with quilting cotton, much as I love those.  Mine are made with fashion fabric and are more fashion oriented rather than quilt- or craft oriented. I present to you an application of yo-yos made with crinkled silk & china silk, applied on this white crinkled silk top. The centers are embellished with beads! Gosh, I love my top.  After this, there occured a mad frenzy of yo-yo making, with other fabrics,  & some with a sweater knit (!!) but that’s for another post.

Combined with a tried and true Simplicity pattern (this pattern has already resulted in 5 pieces of much-worn items in my closet), this blouse has been, and still is, a favorite part of my summer-wear since 2007. Alert: this pattern may be out of print.

Jean Paul Gauliter 2003 (?)

This new yo-yo obsession was triggered several years ago by a magazine layout featuring French designer Jean Paul Gaultier’s haute couture dress made entirely with  yo-yos small and large. The high fashion crowd preferred the term “rosette” or “medallion”.  This look filtered into retail outlets such as Anthropologie (one of my go-to sites for inspiration) and I was hooked.

Lately, I’ve taken to making yo-yo’s/rosettes on this useful little gadget by our friends, Clover USA. I know, you’re probably thinking why this gadget is needed at all for a simple yo-yo. You are right, it’s not needed at all. But I’ve found that it reduces the construction steps considerably, and is so much fun to use. There are videos you can watch on the Clover USA website to see how this gadget is used.

Disclaimer: I’m talking about this product because I purchased the gadget in all sizes (going overboard is my thing, what can I say), and really like it. Clover USA did not provide the gadgets, nor did they ask me to write this nor did they give me money. They are however, valued advertisers in the ASG publication “Notions”.

Yo-Yo makers from Clover-USA

What have you made with yo-yos? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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Heather March 2, 2012 at 8:33 pm

That dress is amazing!!

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