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Blanket Your Community…..

by Samina on March 16, 2012

Rick Bianco's quilts for war veterans

…. with warmth and comfort.  Today we visit an activity that ASG members hold dear to their hearts. Using sewing skills to comfort the community has been a tradition in the American Sewing Guild.  Every year a National Community Service sewing project is selected to benefit a certain charitable organization. (ASG chapters & NG groups continue with this activity throughout the year with various organizations of their own choice).

So who decides the nature of items to be sewn for the ASG National Community Service Project and the recipients of the items? This has to do with the ASG Annual Conference venue. Let me explain: The host chapter of the Annual ASG Conference consults with the ASG Board of Directors and the Executive Director, to decide early on which charitable group in their city they would like to be the beneficiary. The actual sewing project is selected after consulting with the recipient group. For example, the 2011 ASG Conference was held in Los Angeles, and the ASG Los Angeles Chapter selected Paul Newman’s Painted Turtle Camp (fun camp for children with terminal illnesses) to be the beneficiary of the Turtle Pillows sewn by ASG members (nationwide) in 2011.  All 4,241 pillows were donated to the Painted Turtle Camp! A representative of the camp came to the ASG Conference venue to formally receive the turtle pillows, and present information about the camp to ASG members.

In 2012, the ASG Annual Conference is being held in Houston, and the host chapter in Houston decided that blankets should be the 2012 ASG Community Service Sewing Project and the chapters participating in this should donate their collection of sewn blankets/quilts to local recipients in their own community. Thus was born The Blanket Project. In the picture here you can see Rick Bianco’s colorful quilts for veterans in his area of Florida. We blogged about Rick’s quilts back in October.

Read about ASG’s efforts to give back to the community here, in years past.  Patterns are available for each year’s project.

Readers, do you share our willingness to use sewing skills to comfort the community? We’d love to hear your comments!

Samina,  American Sewing Guild,  Follow us on Twitter @SewingGuild

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