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by Ramona on April 6, 2012

Dressmaking, quilting, tailoring, bra-making – yeah, we know you’ve sewn it all. Is anything new anymore? Yes, Shadowfolds! Well, at its very essence this is a re-hash of an old technique, but it is oh so new. I AM FLOORED!

“Shadowfolds” , a book which has the potential to churn your creative juices, details a technique by the same name, written by Chris Palmer & Jeffrey Rutzky, and requires (gasp) hand sewing. Let me qualify that – it’s more knotting than sewing. It’s a combination of Japanese origami and Canadian smocking. Once you read through the book, you will have a renewed appreciation of the wonders of geometry.

Shadowfolding uses yardage not little scraps, and that is part of the beauty.  Projects in the book range from museum quality art, to fashion, to a cushion cover to an evening bag; the Shadowfolding technique can be applied to any project. To see author Chris Palmer’s projects, go to the Shadowfolds website.



Author’s project photographed with & without back lighting

The authors are inspired by many things including the tiles in Alhambra. Some projects are worked in organza, and photographed against a light source. Sheer drama!

If you’re intrigued, go ahead and buy this book now, or put it on the wish list for a birthday, Mother’s day or an early Christmas gift.  I’m digging into my stash right now to make a Shadowfolds project.

To purchase Shadowfolds through Amazon, be sure to go through the link on the ASG website’s home page. The Amazon icon is on the lower right side.

What do you think, readers? Where would you apply shadowfolding? Let’s have some comments!

Usual disclaimer: The publisher and authors of Shadowfolds did not ask me to review this book. The book is my personal copy purchased through Amazon. I write about it here because I’m thrilled by the content of “Shadowfolds”.


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ann April 13, 2012 at 6:45 pm

Unbeilivable, and so lovely!
Please show us your work if your able to finish it and not go crazy with the precision needed.
I can see this done in a sheer over an other color.

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