Guess What? Update 2

by Ramona on April 12, 2012


This is the second update to the original Guess What? post & the first update. Let’s recap the hints!

1. The letter “A” (not ASG)

2. Involves much handsewing

Here are hints #3 and #4

#3: There are at two fabric layers in this project. Possibly a 3rd layer.

#4: The letter C. (No, it does not stand for Conference.) 

This is the prize packet with the ASG logo on each item, total value being almost $27.00: English porcelain thimble, silver charm, tape measure and a nametag holder with extra zippered pockets inside (really handy of you’re attending ASG Conference, or any other similar event).
Winner will be picked based on the closest guess on April 20th!  Good luck! I think some of you may be closing in…………….
As you can see, I’m having a lot of trouble with formatting this post, Help me out, WordPress!
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