We Have a Winner of the ASG Blog’s Guess What? Giveaway/Challenge!

by Ramona on April 20, 2012

Annette Winward is the winner of these items from ASG! She hit the nail on the head when she guessed what the pictured items were going to be sewn into, and also what they were originally! Here is the original post, and you can check out the updates too.  Here are her two comments:

“I am guessing that the fabric will be made into a clothing, accessory, or blanket using the Alabama Chanin hand sewing technique that is becoming so very popular for recyclying, going green, and environmental sustainability.”

“I need to add that I believe the fabric source is from recycled sweaters or tee shirts.” (Other commenters gave the right answer about the original fabric pieces, but did not get the second question right).

Although this blog and everything in it is open to the public, Annette happens to be an ASG member, affiliated with the Northern Virginia chapter. The prize items will be mailed to her ASAP. Enjoy, Annette, and thanks for commenting and guessing ever so correctly!

Here is the final product, made by following the Alabama Chanin method of sewing! As you can see, it is a scarf made with two layers derived from a mustard Banana Republic silk knit tee shirt (courtesy of my daughter), and a rose pink cotton knit tee I had made and did not like that much. There was a bright blue third t-shirt but did not get included in the scarf.  This project was made by using the old 1935 scarf pattern shown in this previous post. The scarf is still not finished, as you can see I have some edges left to bind! Sorry about that.

Our congratulations to Annette and thanks to everyone who commented on this post. Post your thoughts on this…….. in fact, keep posting comments on the ASG blog!

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