ASG as a Life Changer OR How I Lost My Sewing Virginity, Part Deux

by Ramona on July 27, 2012

We are thrilled to welcome Carole Zimmerman again, as she discovers the wonders of being part of the American Sewing Guild.  Revisit Carole’s first post here. Read on….


When last we met….. sewing had become a major part of my life and I was deeply immersed in expanding my creativity. One day in a fabric store I heard a voice telling someone about the American Sewing Guild and it was a wonderful voice, a sweet voice, a calm and grandmotherly voice and I was drawn to that voice like Lorelei. Like a stranger offering me candy. I had to go speak to that voice and learn about this guild. And thus began a new journey that has given me a large circle of new friends and wonderful new adventures.

I was working  so I joined a Neighborhood Group that met in the evening . The meeting place was quite a distance from my house but I thought I’d go once, just to see what ASG is all about. One meeting was all it took. I was hooked! What a wonderful experience. The women were so friendly. They took me in their warm embrace and made me feel right at home. I felt as if I knew them forever. As time went on I realized that they treated all newcomers this way, not just me because I’m so special (although I must modestly add that all who know me would agree that I am special).

Eventually I retired and joined a daytime group. Many of the women from the evening group also belonged to the daytime group. So now I belonged to two groups because I couldn’t give up the evening meetings.

When I joined ASG I didn’t know how my membership would change my life in three ways. First of all, the members are so diverse and have a vast knowledge of all forms of sewing and related skills that they are more than willing to share with the group. Secondly, my circle of friends has ballooned along with my waistline (see thirdly). And thirdly, these women are great cooks and bakers and my recipe box now overflows with new, guaranteed to be fabulous recipes (obtained when attending various meetings, seminars and sewing retreats where the tables were laden with all kinds of homemade goodies. Sometimes sewing became secondary to eating! Women who shared your two most important passions, eating and sewing. Could it get any better than this?) . Of course the downside is that I have gained twenty pounds with no signs of stopping….please pass the casserole and wasn’t Betsy’s cheesecake yummy?

There is also another great aspect to ASG membership that I call the “Millionaire” option……but that’s another story.

Footnote: Our Chapter (Bucks County, PA chapter) now has a few members of the male persuasion. Please forgive me for mentioning only women. I haven’t met the men and fear that if I attend a meeting where they are present I may have to add that group to my list of meetings.

Carole Zimmerman


Thank you, Carole!  We can hardly wait for your next post.

Readers, we keep telling you — ASG is the ultimate social network, and our members know things. Are you a member? Go ahead and comment below about your wonderful ASG experience. Not a member? Join already!!



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Dorothy July 29, 2012 at 10:37 pm

I love my NG groups. They speak sewing. Sometimes it can be hard to find like minded friends.

Anne Lamb August 2, 2012 at 3:49 pm

I am also a member of the Bucks County PA Chapter of ASG and I can attest: Carole Zimmerman IS special. There are always lots of laughs when she’s around. ASG has had a very similar affect on my life – what a wonderful group of people! Anne

EllynAnne Geisel August 9, 2012 at 6:33 pm

Anne/Bucks County ASG, hey! I’ll be at the Mercer Museum for my exhibit’s opening, Oct 5, through the 10th. ASG is dear to my heart, and I’d love to meet up with y’all during my visit!

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