Collared Again

by Ramona on September 7, 2012

Here it is. My attempt at following the detachable collar trend, blogged about previously here, has come to fruiton. The instructions in the old craft book were easy, but were not followed. Sometimes it’s best to go one’s own way, and still get the same, or similar look.

First, the final product, pictured here on a navy slinky knit top. As it is used here, it’s more like a lace necklace than a detachable collar.

Follow the instructions on the previous Collar Love post where we stopped to audition the collar.  Continuing to complete the project………

To make sure that the rosettes aligned perfectly, I drew a line on stabilizer, stuck sticky hem tape (made for people who don’t know how to sew – snicker), placed the rosettes as shown below right on the line of tape, and sewed right down the center of the line of rosettes (ok, yo-yo’s). See sticky tape process below

Sew on additional rosettes by hand as shown in the pictures to form the two collar sides. Attaching to a base: instead of attaching to a bias binding per original instructions from 1945, I pulled out  some soft rayon tape exactly the color of the lace. This is a distinct advantage of having a large stash of sewing related items; you will always find the perfect thing when you need it. I turned the sewn-together circlets to the wrong side, pressed a length of rayon tape to the sticky tape. Next, another length of soft rayon tape was sewn on top of and a little above, overlapping the first one. The edge of this was machine sewn close to the inner edge of the collar, and the tape was hand sewn down on it’s other edge.  At this juncture, press the collar gently into a half round shape.  

Next, turn the center front ends of the rayon tape and hand sew down.



Sew a hook and eye at the fronts of the collar, and you are done! Little did the creator of this  collar realize in 1945 that someone will re-create it in 2012!

Here’s some more inspiration, including my detachable fur collar made several years ago. I followed instructions by the late Shannon Gifford.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the detachable collar trend? Will you make one? If you have made one already, let us know in the comments section below.

Samina, American Sewing Guild

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Lori September 18, 2012 at 3:13 pm

This was so pretty!

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