How Does Sewing Fit into the Fabric of Your Life?

by Ramona on October 6, 2012

If the urge to sew strikes you furiously and frequently, congratulations!  You are among a group of people who are best described by this quote from an old sewing book: “…. they sew with the urgency with which the artist paints”. These words have inhabited my psyche ever since I read them — sort of like the annoying way a song won’t leave your head.

This post touches on the art & skill of sewing on an emotional level.  The inventors of the world believe that the best inventions should fit seamlessly into people’s lives. Consider the iPhone. For users, iPhone technology is more integral to their lives than they themselves realize. The activity of using it is ingrained in a user’s life, and explains the immediate hunger for each iPhone upgrade.

Moving on to the pre-historic activity of sewing, how does it fit seamlessly into your life? Assuming you sew as a creative outlet (not a profession), is sewing part of your daily schedule even though it does not have to be? Is sewing integral to your daily life?

We’d like to know what is behind the “urgency” to sew?  It could be any one, or all of the following reasons, or none of them:

1. The end result is the driving factor. An urge to create a beautiful item, be it clothing or decor, which takes on a higher emotional value than the act of sewing. This is not the “I-need-a-dress-to-wear-tomorrow” kind of urge. It is more on the level of “I-really-want-to-make-a-Chanel-style-jacket”.

2. The activity and processes of sewing, along with the side rituals of cutting, marking etc.

3.  Or is it a love of our tools? We know that sewing enthusiasts have a personal connection with their sewing machines. Do you own an embroidery machine and plan most sewing projects to incorporate embroidery?

4. If you are fortunate enough to have a designated sewing room, you find it imperative to visit at least once a day. Maybe to get inspired, and plan the next project?

5. You feel strangely calm and collected during the act of sewing and related tasks — even pre-shrinking the fabric sends you into a zen-like state.

6.Could it be the fabric? Just the wonderful sight of an ever-growing fabric stash does it for you. This is my personal driving force.

Credit: painting above is by Anna Anchur, circa 1900, displayed at the Rander KunstMuseum, Denmark.

Readers, we would LOVE to know what drives you to engage in the activity of sewing and related tasks.  Please do comment here.


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Major Moma October 20, 2012 at 8:39 am

For me, it is definitely the love of the process and beautiful product. I love the feeling of taking careful steps along the way. And nothing feels better to see a person running around in something I made.

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