New Dress a Day — the Book

by Ramona on October 12, 2012

My first impression of Marisa Lynch’s debut as an author was:  this is Marisa in book form!! Not that I personally know her, but I do read her blog occassionally; heck, I even included her in my cover article for Notions (summer 2011 issue) about sewing bloggers, “The New Sewing Enablers”.   The effervescent personality of the author hits you at first sight of the cover.  The book, titled New Dress a Day, named after the author’s very popular blog, will be released on Tuesday, October 16.

I love this book! After the explanation of how her blog, and subsequently this book, came into being, it is populated with before pictures of sad thrift shop finds (costing no more than $1), tutorial pictures of the transformation process, and after pictures of hip and fashionable attire.

If re-inventing old stuff is not your thing, and your sewing kit sadly lacks glue guns (this is a must-have in Marisa’s sewing kit),  get this book anyway. It is fun and inspiring to read, and propelled me toward my own closet to look for a sad old garment/accessory to re-style. I’ve discovered that my wardrobe is a great thrift shop.

As I wrote in the afore mentioned Notions article last year, “Look what Marisa Lynch’s unemployed-30thbirthday-doldrums sewing blog hath wrought…………… “.

If purchasing “New Dress a Day” through Amazon, be sure to go through the link on the ASG website’s homepage. You can pre-order as soon as you finish reading this post, or be a turtle and wait till it hits the bookstores!


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Marcia Russell October 12, 2012 at 9:24 pm

I watched (via email) as Marisa did her original A New Dress A Day for a $1/day. It was fun to see what she did with all she found for a $1. I have followed her on FaceBook as well as email since. She is an inspiration.

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