Sewing Accomplishments of Some People We Know, (and Don’t Know)

by Ramona on November 11, 2012

Take a look at amazing work by a few sewing enthusiasts. Some of them are ASG members, others are not.  They all deserve accolades for the fantastic workmanship and design apparent in their sewing projects. They deserve the ribbons and hard cash won at the International Quilt Festival in Houston! Will their projects end up in a museum?

First up, the star of IQF 2012, a quilt named “America, Let it Shine” by Sherry Reynolds of Laramie, Wyoming. This quilt is not only pieced perfectly, the applied crystals give it a gorgeous shimmer.  It earned a well deserved prize of $10,000 sponsored by Handi Quilter.

Pictured below, “Hot Africa” by a quilter from the Netherlands, Janneke De Vries-Bodzinga, who admitted that it took one year to make and it had to be given a higher priority over food and sleep. Janneke won $7,500 sponsored by  After gazing at the quilt for a long time, I also could not take my eyes off Janneke’s cute outfit. Her draped skirt is to die for, and I did not get a chance to ask if she made it herself.


Eve Kovacs’ wearable art project named “Thai Tutti Frutti”: Eve is an ASG member, a scientist and a veteran sewing contest winner. The amazing accomplishment of this particular outfit is the way Eve combined geometric shapes of the patchwork with curves of the jacket’s princess lines.


Debra Johnson: President of the ASG’s Pittsburgh chapter, had her miniature quilt titled “Sophie in the Sun” accepted for display at the Quilt Festival. It depicts her dog Sophie, who happens to love sunny beaches. The quilt is cotton with wool batting, uses oil pastels, paint sticks, paint and YLI threads for the thread art. The image was hand drawn by Deb!

Another miniature quilt by a very talented quilter whose name I sadly did not note down. My bad. Nonetheless, the gorgeous workmanship and design is very apparent.

Our friend Rami Kim’s winning garment below in the Wearable Art category at the Houston Quilt Festival: Rami’s book “Folded Fabric Elegance” is one of my prized posessions, and I have followed her techniques in some of my own projects. Did I tell you that she has taught at a past ASG Conference?

Gilbert Muniz has also taught at ASG Conference to rave reviews!  His blue ribbon winning wearable art entry features fabric dyeing, sequins, beading, beaded buttons and much else. And everything comes together beautifully. I apologize for the fuzzy picture, but you may find sharper images on the IQF website.

Readers, do you have expo/festival worthy sewn items you would like to share with us?  Let us know in the comments section.


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