Yes You Can: Sew Holiday Gifts Quickly

by Ramona on November 29, 2012

Sewing enthusiasts of the world, unite!!  On this magical, merry, gifty holiday season do not be caught unawares with no time or inclination to go malling. With the Holiday Season already upon us, we sewing types should actually make the gifts we bestow. It is way more meaningful and appreciated (I’m sure).  Below is a collection of lovely and quickly made gifts from our friends in the sewing world. Get on your cyber sleigh and visit them through the links provided below.

ASG member and blogger Heather Valentine created these really cute gift card holders and gift tags using scraps of ribbons and felt. Really quick and so cute!! Find the instructions to Heather’s quick holiday project at  The Sewing Loft Blog . Outta my way! I have to dive into my ribbon scrap pile.



The folks at Sew4Home created this gorgeous pillow. They have a knack for creating items which are a perfect marraige of fabric and pattern. Explore the rest of this site to see other fabulous and easy projects.


 The Girlfriend Wristlet from Nancy Zieman was created by our friend Nancy Zieman who also happens to be the first inductee into the ASG Hall of Fame, and is celebrating 30 years of the PBS show “Sewing With Nancy”! Nancy created this for the Babylock company’s “Snappy Sew Gift Roundup”. More on this below.  I am SO making this wristlet!  Thank you, Nancy. 

Stitch Magazine at Sew Daily has tons of quick-to-sew projects with free pattern downloads. I thought this adorable pincushion would be ideal for sewing friends; and it uses up all those pretty scraps one cannot bear to discard.


Baby Lock Machines had this great idea to get some talented sewing professionals and bloggers to submit quickly sewn gifts. The result is this very aptly named post:   Snappy Sew Project Round Up . Go there and explore more great ideas for sewing quickly and beautifully. What can I say — we heart Babylock!

Christmas Tree Napkins at Sewing & Craft Alliance courtesy of Joann’s Stores.  These napkins take the prize for being one of the most enduringly popular quick sew gifts. Think of the creative possibilities!

All readers of the ASG blog, please let us know in the comment section if you have been sewing quickly made items, share with us!


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Cindy December 2, 2012 at 3:30 pm

Love the napkin idea, Samina! What a beautiful and easy way to dress up a holiday table — and the potential for going “all out creative” with these are endless. A row of decorative stitches around the edge would be pretty, or, adding a monograms to the top fold and giving them as gifts could be interesting too . . .

Great suggestions!

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