Holiday Project For Kiddies or the Making of a Future DIY Enthusiast

by Ramona on December 23, 2012

This post is dedicated to the little ones and teachers who lost their lives in the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School.


Happy Holidays to all our readers!  A quick post to entertain you as well as give you an idea to keep the young ones occupied — somewhat.

This is the story (very short story) of a girl at age five, who made a burlap Christmas decoration with her kindergarten class with help from the teacher. Each student made his/her own.  The items used were burlap, non-toxic red & green paint and her hands.  The little 5 year old hands were dipped in green paint and used as a stamp to make handprints in a circle. A bow was added with the help of a stencil (and probably lots of help from the teacher), small circles were stamped in red paint, and the edges were frayed for effect. Lo and behold!  A gift came home for momma and poppa. This panel is 27 years old, and at this time needs some TLC at the frayed edges.


The above kindergartner, now an adult, made herself this wreath in 2012 for her own front door. No help was needed, not even instructions.  Just some items from the craft store (yarn in four colors, gold ornaments, styrofoam circle which she wrapped in fabric, her trusty hot glue gun, and some toothpicks) was all it took.

Moral of the story: a crafty, DIY enthusiast was born along with the burlap wreath. A very belated thanks to the kindergarten teacher!  So go ahead and get out some burlap and non-toxic finger paints for the kiddies this holiday.

Do you have sewing & craft projects made by children? Any ideas others can use?  Please do comment below. In 2012, ASG will be making an all out effort to reach out to the very young. We hope to plant some enduring sewing/crafting seeds…..

Happy Holidays to all our readers!


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Jan squires December 24, 2012 at 3:57 am

We are sewing snowflakes for Sandy Hook’s PTA Winter Wonderland event
Have a darling picture of Miss M making snowflakes and quite affected by
the loss of so many young students . Where do I post a picture?

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