What’s Your Sewing Style?

by Ramona on December 14, 2012

Dear Readers, this post is just something to take your mind away from the enjoyable yet frantic activities of the Holidays. This is not about your fashion-sewing style, but how you disburse the hours in your day to actually sew.  Read on….

The Stolen Moments Sewer I fall into this category. Without going into the gory details, my time is so precious (another way of saying that I’m uber busy – always) that my sewing time consists of mere moments stolen from other commitments to do some sewing. The moments can be as little as 3 minutes and no longer than 15 minutes.  The Stolen Moments sewer achieves best results if focusing on one project at a time. She usually takes a month to finish a project marked “Quick & Easy”.

Night Owl Sewer: Mostly consists of career women and moms with young children. These sewers relish their night time solitude. They’ve also been known to start their project at night and wear it the next morning. I know, I used to one of them.

The Super-Organized Sewer: Her sewing time is always marked on a calendar and she becomes incommunicado during that time.  The rest of us strive to be her.

The Project Starter: Starts out in a very organized fashion but gets easily distracted by new sewing ideas.  Also known as the UFO Queen. Most of us have the UFO trait, don’t you think?

The Well Intentioned Collector: of fabric, patterns, gadgets, machines and everything new related to her favorite hobby. But never quite gets to actually sew.  Also known as the Hoarder. We are all a little bit of the Collector.

Which sewer are you?  Any other sewing styles you can think of? Maybe you fall into more than one?  Please do make a comment below to share your thoughts! Sharing your sewing karma is what ASG is all about….

Hope you’re having a great Holiday Season!


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Jeanne Marie December 15, 2012 at 12:43 am

This was an entertaining post. I think I’m a Stolen Moments sewer, except once I get going, I won’t leave the machine. I only think I’m going to sew for 30 minutes. I’m working on becoming a Super-Organized Sewer and am afraid of becoming the Well-Intentioned Collector!

Samina December 17, 2012 at 6:04 pm

Jeanne Marie, thanks for your lovely comment! Can you think of a name for your sewing style? Steal-a-Moment-Sieze-the-Day Sewer?

Kerry December 18, 2012 at 1:19 am

I’m a weekend sewer. I work full time so weekends are my time to sew. I always cut out three or four things when I have a Sunday afternoon and then I am always ready. I have a sewing room so that makes a huge difference, I have books on tape from the library so I can lose myself for several hours. Usually can complete or close to completing in that time frame. I save my hand sewing for the evenings. I really have no UFO’s. I complete it, or throw it away. Garments are not like wine. The more you work on them, some times, they just don’t get better! I tend to use tried and true patterns again and again and by knowing they fit, I have little alternations. I usually don’t start something else unless I have finished the other with the exception of just the final handwork.

Sandra March 25, 2013 at 12:00 am

Hello, I’m the project starter plus the well intentioned collector. Years ago I was a person that would buy the supplies and work on it until it’s finished or something stop me.
Time have changed. I had my own sewing room had to give it up. Now I have no where to sew. So, really I have become “want to sewitis” or something.

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