I wish I could draw…sigh….

by Ramona on April 5, 2013

Oh how I wish I could draw…sigh….but hey, I can sew and embroider! Artists create their own world through shape and color. We who sew and embroider essentially do the same. We take fabric–a flat surface– and sculpt it into a three-dimensional shape through stitching and manipulation. We can further embellish through embroidery, beading, painting, applique, glitter and glitz, and many more ways.

Last night’s members only webinar showed how to take artwork purchased on the www.digiscrapkits.com website,

Baby Talk 1a Country Clip Art


print artwork images on home fabric printer sheets and then use two of the  the “scrapbook pages” from the website

Baby Talk 1, 12x12 Digital Scrapbook Papers


to print one-yard pieces of fabric purchased at www.spoonflower.com.


The project was called “Words to Treasure, Baby’s First Quilt”. Words from friends and family to a new baby were written around the border of the quilt which featured the fabrics and printed artwork. Very cute and very easy to do! (If you missed it, join ASG   http://asg.org/html/join.html  to view the recording!) The techniques could be used for any commemorative type quilt or wall hanging for a graduation, special birthday, school or sports accomplishment…virtually any highlight is the life of someone special.

Though I cannot draw, I’m so happy there are artists who put together collections for us to use in our sewing and I’m so happy there are now fabric companies, like Spoonflower, who are providing small quantity printing (they’ll even do a fat quarter!) so we sewists may have exactly what we want.

Sew ’til next time….







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Deb Bobbinhead April 6, 2013 at 2:04 pm

I also wish I could draw and paint but I just freeze up with those mediums. Give me anything made from fiber and i’m a creative little monkey. I went to an art night hosted by an art teacher friend about 10 years ago. She had the whole table prepared with every conceivable art material and gave us each a cigar box to transform. I froze til I discovered a box of assorted yarns and a glue gun. Then I went to town twirling and pasting and embellishing with beads and wound up with something that was so awesome that years later I still display it. AND it reflects my style of quilting and even garment construction. Sooooo – I still long to paint or draw but will have to be satisfied that us sewists have so much to choose from in our artistic endeavors.

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