Memorial Day thoughts….

by Ramona on May 24, 2013

This won’t be the usual sewing related blog post. Why? Because I have decided to reflect upon the upcoming Memorial Day holiday and use this platform as a commemoration to all that I hold dear about our wonderful country.

Many of our members probably do not know that I, like many of you, come from a long history of family members who served our country via their military service. Though only a few made it their life’s career, each generation has contributed to our nation’s defense.

About three years ago I started to do some genealogy research. Through that research I discovered that since the founding of our nation, our family has had at least one family member in each major war or conflict. It was quite astonishing to me to discover that on my father’s side of the family there were two brothers, Alexander and William Waddell, who came over on a ship of British regulars under the command of Gen. Edward Braddock in February of 1755. Among the volunteers that joined them was a young officer by the name of George Washington, who would eventually be given the ceremonial sash from the battle uniform of a mortally wounded Gen. Braddock in July of the same year. Later on Alexander, under the command of then General George Washington, served in the Battle of Yorktown. While in Yorktown, he came across his younger brother, William, who had accompanied Lord Cornwallis to fight on the British side.

During the same time period the Roush side of the family had nine sons who served in the fight for the independence of our country.

From that time, through WWI,


(PFC. Otis F. Paulsrud made the ultimate sacrifice)

the Korean Conflict, 

the Vietnam War,

the wars and conflicts in the Iraq and Afghanistan era,

many family members on all sides have served. This weekend we shall be remembering and honoring those who have served. It is because of all of them, and all of your family members, and those we do not know that we enjoy the freedoms we do. Whether on the battle field, at a desk performing intelligence work, in support roles, or documenting the day-to-day life and heroics through journalism, each military member throughout the years has contributed to our nation’s defense.

My family and I truly honor their sacrifice and that of their family members whose contributions to our beautiful United States of America make us free. We salute you!

To honor those of all generations…….

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Sew ’til next time,




Laurie Wilkey May 24, 2013 at 4:51 pm

Thanks, Ramona. Great post!

Laurie (USN Ret)

Ramona May 24, 2013 at 4:53 pm

Thank you for your service, Laurie!

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