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by Ramona on October 21, 2013

I have a friend getting married soon. She is crafty, she sews and quilts, and she appreciates anything handmade. She also has lots of pets who are her “kidz” and her family. She wishes all of them could be with her on her special day.

This dear lady and her man are having a traditional, yet festive wedding and the accessories for her wedding show their love of their culture. She has made many of the accessories herself, and when we received her hand-made wedding invitation I knew immediately what I wanted to do as a little gift for her. I took the invitation apart and used the pieces to make a garter keepsake for her and also added photos of her “kidz” that were cast in resin.


This project was a lot of fun because it used a product I had never tried before called “Little-Windows” resin. This resin is incredibly easy to use and gives results exactly as expected.


Here are the steps I used in creating this keepsake garter for my friend so she can have all her “kidz” with her on her special day.

Before starting a project using the resin product, visit the website and view all of Fran’s videos. They are well done and explain absolutely everything step by step to give the confidence needed to do projects. The product may also be ordered directly from the website: If you have any questions about the resin product or instructions for use, contact information is on their website.

Here is the original wedding invitation that gave me the idea for the garter.


Find photos to be used. For this garter, I saved photos from my friend’s Facebook page and  used software to resize the photos according to the instructions on the Little-Windows website, and then printed them on the photo paper purchased from the website. Photos are copyrighted, so be sure you have permission to use them.


Follow the instructions on the website to mix and pour the resin over the photos and allow them to dry as instructed.


Drill holes and affix jump rings as needed to allow the photos to hang freely from the garter.


Separate the invitation into pieces: the ribbon (removing the wax seal held to the ribbon with a hook and loop dot), cut the lace part between the design and sew it back together as one length with a zig-zag stitch.


Cut a piece of white satin the length of the lace, twice the width of the ribbon, plus seam allowances. Sew the lace to the bottom of the satin.

Determine the placement of the resin pieces working from the center out, hand tacking them in place to be covered up by the ribbon.


Place the lower edge of the ribbon along the lower edge of the satin where it attaches to the lace. Sew along the bottom edge of the ribbon, carefully stitching over the jump rings by walking the machine over those areas so the needle will sink into the middle of each jump ring.


Sew the other side of the ribbon to the satin.


Fold the satin in half, folding under the remaining seam allowance. Hand sew this folded edge to the the other edge to form a casing for the elastic.


Insert the elastic, through the casing


and pull the elastic up until it gathers gently; sew the ends together securely through all layers.


The feather was cut down and hand tacked in place to the satin at the back of the garter.


Affix the wax medallion back in place.

S1330049      S1330055


My friend now will have her “family” with her on her special day.




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Sew ’til next time, enjoy the journey of sewing…


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Evelyn J. Gonzalez October 25, 2013 at 2:04 pm

Your friend is indeed lucky to have a friend like you to help make her wedding day extra-special. Thanks so much for sharing how you made the beautiful keepsake garter – your creativeness and skills are truly amazing and give me hope that one day I too, will be able to craft such creative masterpieces!

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