by Ramona on January 17, 2014


What is it we sewers just love about weddings! Is it all the pretty fabric? Is it the memories perhaps conjured up of the excitement we experienced when we were betrothed? Is it the anticipation of new lives starting out as one? Ah…weddings! I just love weddings!

Why are weddings subject of this week’s blog? Because our youngest brother is getting married late this spring and he has asked me to help with his wedding. It will be a very simple affair, yet with traditional flair. He travels extensively overseas for his job, and his bride-to-be is not in the area, so he has asked me to help with coordinating everything (he honestly didn’t need to ask twice!)

In the ‘80’s and ‘90’s I had a home-based business doing custom bridal, prom,  quinceanera, and sorority dresses. I also did short stints managing two bridal/tuxedo shops.  I must honestly say, there wasn’t one “bridezilla” in the probably hundreds of weddings I was lucky enough to be part of in a small way. I got great satisfaction from helping brides realize their “dream dress” within their budget. Whether it was re-making a family heirloom or leafing through bridal magazines with the bride who would have chosen a bodice from one gown, sleeves from another, the lace, the train, the fabrics, the veil, and on and on from yet other pictures so beautifully displayed on the pages. Putting all the elements together and seeing a tear or two upon completion was the most satisfying aspect of the dress design and construction process.

Last weekend I was looking for some fabric for an embroidery project. I came across the lace I knew I had set aside and I’ll be offering it to the bride-to-be for use on her dress if she would like. I’ve had this lace set aside for many years and was hoping to use it for our daughter’s wedding dress…someday…(that subject would be a whole blog in itself). Alas, the lace needs to be used so I’m offering it to our soon to be sister-in-law for her gown if she would like it. It’s a re-embroidered lace that came from France. I’ve started to audition some hand beading and sequins on it. I adore beading lace!


Last night I did a small checklist for our brother and his fiancé’. This will be a very small, very intimate wedding yet they want it traditional. They will be married at a small country church (oh I hope the date is available….the request has been submitted) and they’d like to do a family-style reception at our home…YIKES! That’s another whole checklist!!!!

It is amazing what goes into even a small wedding. Of course the church and wedding dress, but also the food and beverages, will the family cook or should it be catered? They want the reception to be outside….but what of the weather? The checklist must contain a Plan B. If Plan B needs to be implemented, how will we re-arrange our home to accommodate the guests? I think perhpas we’ll also be discussing an alternate venue (our daughter sent me some “Pins” of barns converted to reception venues…oh husband dear!)

Most of the women in our family are quite “crafty” and good cooks to boot! Our brother would like our sister-in-law to create the invitations (you should see the Christmas cards she sends out every year….they are incredible!) Our brother-in-law has quite the hand at a grill, so the bridal couple is thinking perhaps a BBQ style reception…so does that mean instead of tables we drag out some quilts for the lawn? Oh, but what if Plan B needs to be implemented? Decisions, decisions….but isn’t it fun!

Normally I stay away from Pinterest because I’m always afraid once I get started I won’t stop browsing (my friends have warned me of its deep hole of wonderful ideas) but in this case, I think we’ll be browsing Pinterest to see what others have done to create a venue fit for this occasion.

The first or second weekend of February will be the first meeting and getting everything in motion. I’m sure when our brother see’s the “checklist” I emailed to him he’ll wonder why we need all the fuss; his bride on the other hand will wonder if there is enough time to get everything done! Ah, wedded bliss begins!

I’m hoping the happy couple will allow me to post some pictures of the process and gown fittings in future blogs….stay tuned!

Ah weddings. I just LOVE weddings!

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!





Jodell Larkin January 22, 2014 at 9:40 pm

Wow! You got my attention! If you’re on Pinterest take a look at a few of my “Wedding” boards. I have just a few pictures pinned that might start your mind working in the right direction. Sounds like you have your hands full, but I have full confidence in you. Good luck and if you get stuck you can always give me a ring.

Ramona January 27, 2014 at 3:47 pm

Hi Jodell,
I’ll take a look at your “pins”. Is it under your business name? Thanks for the offer of help; I’ll be sure to call if I need anything. ~Ramona

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