“Therapy” for a Winter Day

by Ramona on March 13, 2014

In last week’s blog I told you about a quilting class I was going to as an extra set of hands to help a new sewer. What fun! I highly recommend days like that every now and again.

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The class was held at a new winery in the area called Branches . It was the first time I had been there. What a lovely venue! It was a perfect day for quilting. There is still snow on the ground and the temp was just above freezing.


The owner of Branches and instructor for the class was Therese Weiter Bergholz. She explained they have nine-thousand vines that need pruning. She talked about the high school students that help around the property not only with pruning, but making pizza in wood burning oven located the gazebo and local teachers serve  wine during the tasting season.


Therese has developed a new pattern called “Salmagundi – A Modern Mosaic Quilt”™

S2390004(order directly: makemorequilts@gmail.com)

and technique to make a scrappy quilt fast and easy. One of the attendees actually got thirteen 12”- blocks completed in about four hours of sewing time; impressive! Because of the scrappy nature of the quilt, there were neon colors, muted natural tones, and one lady won a packet of yellows and grays she was using. Everyone’s blocks looked different and everyone was so pleased with the technique and ease in putting together the blocks….not to mention, most were using fabrics from their stash making room for more shopping.

There are two huge rooms at the winery, a tasting room with cozy tables where a scrumptious lunch (wish I could share one of the brownies with you here!!!) catered by Borgens Cafe was served,

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and the event room where the quilt class was held. It was great fun to walk around the room and see what everyone was working on. One attendee printed pictures of her son’s dog on printer fabric sheets and included them in her quilt which will be for her son.

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I have to tell you a profound thing that happened during this class. I was handing out papers and supplies and I came upon an attendee who looked very familiar. Something sparked me to ask, “You look so familiar. Do I know you?” She said her name, which immediately didn’t ring a bell. But, it was her hair. Pulled in a bun at the top of her head. My mind flashed back to a beautiful woman with auburn hair, pulled up in a bun with a pencil in it. I asked, “Did you by any chance teach locally?” She said, “Well, yes. I taught art in the school district.” I asked her what years, and she told me. Well wouldn’t you know it, she had been my elementary school art teacher! I told her of something I had distinctly remembered from that class. In one class she had us draw a heart shape, then draw concentric heart shapes around it until they could no longer fit on the paper. Then she had us draw a star and go through the same exercise. She was astounded I had remembered that. I told her, “See, you were my first quilting teacher. You taught me to echo quilt!” Such a huge smile came to her. We went on to discuss the other students in the class and reminisce about some fond memories.


About an hour before the end of the class, everyone was invited to sample wines from the vineyard and show the blocks that had been created during the class.

Any time you have a chance to gather with sewers, take advantage. Not only does sewing get accomplished, but the fellowship and making new friends of kindred spirit is heartwarming and always good “therapy”.


Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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