The Story Behind the Notions Story-Spring 2014

by Ramona on April 22, 2014


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Guest post by Anne Marie Soto, editor of Notions, the ASG publication available with membership in the American Sewing Guild:

Just about anything can inspire a Notions cover story! Case in point: last Fall, for reasons I won’t go into here, I had to remove all my clothes from our master bedroom’s closets and drawers. The “up” side of this upheaval was the opportunity to re-examine every piece of clothing I owned; a major wardrobe re-evaluation and semi-purge occurred. I could, of course, have simply tossed all the orphan items, but that’s not the sewer’s way. Instead, I began exploring what could be done with some of these garments to make them functioning members of my wardrobe. The result: our Spring cover story, “Rescuing the Unloved and the Unworn.”  I hope it will inspire you to tackle some wardrobe spring cleaning.

Several months ago, I tried to get tickets to the New York City premiere of “Men of the Clothe,” an acclaimed movie about three Italian master tailors who have devoted a lifetime to perfecting the skills necessary to construct flawless custom-made suits for their clients. The premiere was completely sold out but I’m delighted to report that those of us who are attending ASG Conference 2014 in St. Louis will have an opportunity to see that movie on Saturday night, July 26th. When I received the conference announcement, it prompted thoughts about other great fashion-based movies we might all have missed. So we put together a Sew ‘n Tell feature: “Fashion Goes to the Movies.” There are films about fashion personalities (Bill Cunningham, Diana Vreeland),  fashion magazines (two about Vogue), fashion designers (Donatella Versace, Yves Saint Laurent, Isaac Mizrahi) and more. All the movies we chose are either available to rent or to download . . . either for your own enjoyment or in the company of your fellow sewers.

This issue also includes an enthusiastic review of Gail Patrice Yellen’s new DVD, “Cosmetic Serger-y” (by Rosemary Fajgier, our newest regular contributor) and a thoughtful review of the book, “Textile Visionaries” (by long-time Notions contributor Joy Landeira). We are grateful to both ladies . . . and to the many members (like Janet Pess, “Sew ‘n Tell: Sewing With a Physical Challenge” and our “Chapter News” contributors) who take the time to share their expertise and experiences with Notions.

If you have comments about what appears in Notions, topics you would like to see covered, or even an article you might like to write, I’d love to hear from you. You can either leave a comment on this blog or e-mail me at



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