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by Ramona on June 20, 2014

I’ve set up a Pinterest account, but I have not done anything with it. To me it looks like a lovely black-hole to steal time. I’m afraid if I start looking and pinning, I’ll loose hours and hours and hours of time without realizing it. When I set up the Pinterest account, I was invited by two friends to follow their boards. They have wonderful taste and on occasion, I’ll get an email of things they’ve pinned. That happened this week and I thought I’d share with you what is on the board of one of these friends.

My friend, “C” (as we call her),  is an incredible sewist both by hand and by machine. She also happens to be having a love affair with all things miniature, felting and especially pin cushions! I quickly glanced at her boards one evening this week and found myself absolutely drawn to what she had found. Aren’t sewists just the most amazing people? They are so talented and even more, so clever to take their ideas and turn them into whimsical, fun, and useful objects that bring joy to our  lives.

I thought in this blog I’d share with you what “C” shared with me through her Pinterest board of pin cushions. Who doesn’t need more pin cushions? I have them at each of my sewing stations, and usually one on my wrist to boot. Mine are boring compared to those shown on “C”‘s board. I also have the magnetic bowls that I use at the quilting frame and cutting table. I can see that I need some more pin cushions….only these need to be some playful ones to make me smile as I work and create.

Click on the title of the project (blue link) to be taken directly to the website.

Kim and Kris started with Embroidery.com when Embroidery.com was our host as we started ASG Online. It is fun to see how far they have gone with their crafting. I absolutely LUV this “Mannequin Pin Cushion“!!!! (They even give you the link to get their pattern, free!)









This one is titled “OUCH“! Isn’t it absolutely adorable! Unfortunately, I don’t knit and this is a knitting pattern. My friend, “C”, is a knitter…hint-hint “C”!


“Handbag Pin Cushion Pattern”

Handbag Pincushion Pattern - cute!


“Cupcake Pincushion” by Patchwork Pottery. She has some other fun patterns! Check out her store.


“Pincushion on Pot” (hit the translate button on the blog and it will show the English version)

Pincushion on a jar


“No-Sew Pin Cushions”

No Sew Pin Cushions


And just look at these incredible “Pin Toppers“! Aren’t folks just so very clever! (I wish I would have thought of these!)

holiday cupcake pin toppers by sewcraftyjess, via Flickr


That’s all I’m going to post or you, too, will be drawn into the “black hole of stealing time”.  Purhaps you’ll check out Pinterest and create your own board and follow others. I really like that the patterns are already created, ready for purchase, so all I have to do is purchase, cut and stitch! And here’s a thought….how about a new ASG SIG (special interest group) of all things Pin Cushions! I’ll bet you’d have lots of interest and members attend. Please let me know if you start one!

Sew ’til next time, Enjoy the Journey of Sewing!


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JC June 20, 2014 at 3:28 pm

Hi Ramona. One of our ASG members brought the pin cushion one. Not sure where yours came from, but the DIYDISH does a very nice tutorial on it. I love them. :-). As for Pinterest, not sure if I’ll go there. Blogger, face book and you tube are enough. 🙂

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