A Week of Discovery

by Ramona on July 11, 2014

As I update the American Sewing Guild-Headquarters Facebook  page each day, on occasion I’ll look at who has “shared” previous posts. I am happy when folks think what I post is worthy of sharing with others. This week I took just a little time and looked at the Facebook pages of some of those shares. What did I discover?

We certainly do have some very active ASG chapters who are doing some incredible things. Since it is summer time, many have youth sewing programs and you should see  (through the mentoring of our ASG chapter members) what these children are sewing  and displaying  with such pride! Our ASG chapters are fostering a new generation of sewists!

Our members use this time of year to get together and sew for charities in their chapter area. Some do “Quilts of Valor” and sewing for hospitals. There are also those who sew useful items for men and women suffering from cancer and bags for those serving our nation.

It never ceases to amaze me at how talented and giving our chapter members are. They use their time, talent, sewing machines and most times their own fabrics and supplies to make the lives of others better.

I’ve chosen just a few of the many chapters to highlight who have shared our national Facebook postings on their own chapter Facebook pages. Please check out their Facebook pages and see what they are up to….there are a lot of special things posted from chapter events to patterns for garments and quilting that are free, and some very humorous sayings that are fun to share. Click on the picture to be taken to the Facebook page or website.

The first is the Indianhead chapter in Eau Claire, WI. They are near and dear to my heart not only because they happen to be just a little over two hours driving time from me, but they share a lot from our HQ page. I have yet to attend a chapter event, but hopefully I’ll be able to one day soon.

Indianhead Chapter

Here are a couple of links from their Facebook posts I found interesting and I’m going to explore further.

indianhead scientific seamstress






A printable bias tape maker




Fabric Bins and Baskets





Fabric Basket Bins





Next is the Chicago chapter. My gosh, they are so active and of course have access to so many wonderful fabric stores and classes because of their location.  They have an “open group” on Facebook versus a traditional page.


 chicago fashion show



Check out their incredible fashion show pictures!



Chicago service hours


Look at all their Community Service hours from the many volunteers. 



I sure wish I could visit an Idaho chapter, called Treasure Valley ASG! They do a lot of quilting and sure look like a fun bunch of members!!!

Treasure Valley ASG

Glory Scraps block-idaho


They posted this “Glory in Scraps” free quilt block.







pin cushion catcher  and a link to make a thread catcher with a pin cushion.


The Pittsburgh chapter had a great post!


sewing chess board-pittsburgh



I HAVE to make this, though I think it will be in a “checkers” format since I don’t play chess. Wouldn’t it be fun to have this at an ASG sewing retreat to play in the evening after a long day of sewing?






The Roanoke chapter has a fabulous sewing camp coming up for children in grades 4-12.


There is still time to sign up!!!

Roanoke-kids camp 

The ASG Titusville chapter had a rough spring with a very happy ending!


titusville movedIn May, Titusville lost their normal meeting place because of budget cuts. A youth club moved them to their new location and also gave them the Jefferson Award for all of their community service! Congratulations, Titusville ASG!

I invite you to check out these ASG chapter Facebook pages and others. Click on the links of what they post and look at their discoveries that you can incorporate into your sewing. Also, check out their websites and events pages. If you are in the area, join in! They will welcome you with open arms…and probably some good food to boot!

Sew ’til next time…Enjoy the Journey of Sewing!



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