The Story Behind the Notions Story-Summer 2014

by Ramona on July 17, 2014

Guest post by Anne Marie Soto, editor of Notions, the ASG publication available with membership in the American Sewing Guild:
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The Internet is populated with online sewing courses—many of which are somewhat pricey. One of the advantages of being an ASG member is included-with-your-membership access to the ASG Online library of videos on a range of topics. The newest addition is a 12-part Beginning Machine Embroidery series. This wonderful series inspired us to ask Ramona Baird, ASG Education Director and creator of the series, to share some of her excellent information in our cover story, “Machine Embroidery Fun-damentals.” It’s full of hints and inspiration for everyone, even if your machine is a basic one with limited decorative stitches.

But, just in case you’re inspired to trade up to a machine with more embroidery features or to add an embroidery-only machine to your sewing area, check out our “Embroidery Machine Overview,” which begins on page 18. It gives you the low down on 52 machines from eight manufacturers . . . truly something for everyone.

ASG has many talented members. I’d like to give a shout-out to three whose talents grace the pages of this issue:

  •  Central Illinois Chapter member Deon Maas, creator of the Anti-Ouch Pouch, first shared it with ASG members in 2007. She developed the Anti-Ouch Pouch as comfort aid as a result of her personal encounter with breast cancer. Since its first appearance in Notions, sewers all over the world have made and shared the Anti-Ouch Pouch with thousands of cancer patients. In “Anti-Ouch Pouch Update” (page 26), you can learn more about its back story and get some tips from Deon for creating even better Anti-Ouch Pouches.
  •  Member-at-large Linda Przybszewski is the author of  “The Lost Art of Dress: The Women Who Once Made America Stylish.” This book has garnered attention from many sources, including The New York Times Sunday Book Review. We are proud to be in such august company with Joy Landeira’s review on page 39.
  •  San Diego, Calif. Chapter member Nancy Bensimon wrote “Learn to Sew with Crazy Nancy” as a guide for anyone teaching children to sew. For more about it, check out Product Previews on page 42.


If you have comments about what appears in Notions, topics you would like to see covered, or even an article you might like to write, I’d love to hear from you. You can either leave a comment on this blog or e-mail me at Or if you are coming to ASG Conference 2014 (St. Louis, July 24-28), seek me out and let me know what you think!


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