How Do You Like To Sew?

by Ramona on August 8, 2014

How do you like to sew? I know–it’s a silly question. What I mean is do you sit and plan your projects timing them out to meet a deadline? Or do you find something you want to do and just jump right in?

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Me? I’m a definite planner. This time of year I go to the office supply section of the store and grab a “school” planning calendar (next to sewing tools, I LUV school supplies the best!) I find school planning calendars work well for the way I like to plan; to me it is as necessary as a good sewing machine and my fabric cutting shears.




S2490013 - CopyThe pages are laid out side by side, encompassing a week…with time slots. I block off my sewing plans in the time sections. Each Friday afternoon, toward the end of the work day, I’ll plan my work days for the next week, adding in anything that was not completed during the current week. This way I can enjoy my weekend knowing what lies ahead of me, what I may need to purchase, and if I may need to work over the weekend to meet an early-week deadline.



S2490006 - CopyAfter conference, having learned and seen so many new things, I decide what I need to accomplish from now through the end of the year. The monthly portion of the calendar lists what I have planned to get done for the month. The main portion of the calendar is for work related time; evenings and weekends are for personal planning time—yup, laundry still needs to be done,  the zucchini still needs picking,  I have a little Halloween quilt to finish, and holiday gift-sewing to plan. Of course projects need supplies. Planning the way I do allows me to make a supply list and then watch for sales to make my purchases.


special offers - CopySince we live an hour from “the big city” as we like to call it, we only make trips in once every two or three months if even that. Usually I just check the ASG website in the “Special Offers” area and order online. For me, the shipping charges are less than the gasoline to get to the “big city” and the time we’d spend driving can be used as sewing time instead. Not to mention, the savings from the member vendors are wonderful and I more than save enough to pay for my annual ASG membership!

Nancy - CopyI’m also one of those that cannot begin new projects unless the sewing workroom is tidied up and organized. I clean up my sewing workroom on Saturday morning while half-watching and mainly listening to sewing shows that were auto-recorded during the work week. Organizing the area (have I ever told you that if I didn’t sew for a living I’d probably own a cleaning business—I LUV to clean!) for the upcoming work week and gives me more sewing time, and the sewing shows always inspire me!

asg fb - CopyLast week I played catch up from conference posting the final pictures on the ASG Facebook page, wrote some thank-you notes, converted the videos into formats for DVDs (very time consuming) for our webmaster to post in the leadership section of the website and got everything shipped off. After that, I was ready to start planning and eager to get sewing.


S2490012 - CopyThis week was a lot of research and planning for what I need to do for this fall into winter. What will it include? Well, you’ll have to wait and see….but I think you’ll be thrilled with some of the new video classes that are planned. I was given most of the ideas from conference attendees this year. During breaks between classes and in the vendor hall, I’d just walk up, introduce myself, and ask what things these attendees were interested in learning. There was also a garment worn by an attendee I thought would make a great class.

You can bet my calendar is already becoming full with ideas that are planned. If you have an idea, though, please email me; I do keep an on-going list.

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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