Update to– Member Request: How to Remove (move) a Bust Dart in a Tunic Pattern

by Ramona on October 3, 2014

I’m so excited to share this with you. It is an update to the blog Member Request: How to Remove (move) a Bust Dart in a Tunic Pattern posted on 9/11/14. I asked Cynde’s permission to use our email conversation and her photos. With the help of the last blog posted, she was able to finish her top and it is exquisite! 

Our member, Cynde, had a top she wanted to mimic in fabric she already had. It was a beaded “galloon” style fabric. A galloon fabric is a fabric that has a mirrored (usually), sometimes offset, image along each selvage edge whether lace, beading, eyelet, or similar styling. Here are some examples (click on the picture to be taken to the page):

10" White Chantilly Galloon Lace

bridalwww-quality-exquisite-beaded-lace-bridal (1)


Cynde’s Email:

“I want to eliminate that dart completely. (And I’m very small busted).

attachment (3)










I have a top that is full of beads and I took a closer look at it and noticed there were no darts in this top so that’s how they got away with putting this heavily encrusted beading over it without having to overlay this like lace and beads etc. (like they do show you would do with a wedding dress). So I was wondering if I had to expand it anywhere or whatever because I know if I made the pattern wider that would just make the neckline bigger, don’t need that.

As you can see it’s an old pattern.  I use it for a formal top, it has side darts and I do not use the strings I cut it down to a shorter length like the bottom right picture.








The reason I’m asking about removing the dart is because I’d like to put an overlay on top of this that has a lot of beading and avoid the dart. so I didn’t know what to do. I have a top like this with no darts and heavily beaded overlay on it so that’s why was wondering what I would do if I eliminated the darts on this pattern. Thank you for any help. ~Cynde


After posting the last blog, I got this message back from Cynde with the following photos.

“Ramona, I took your advice I split the dart between the side and the top eliminated that, gathered it no darts, very happy! This is an identical copy of a top that was made!

attachment (4)What I did was I had double-sided fabric meaning both edges had the leaf pattern on it, cut it in half









so I could use it for the sleeves the whole back of the top is just beaded fabric with the leaf pattern hand sewn onto it.

attachment (2)








I put netting up at the top sewed on sequins with beads, put roll of pearls and sequins on it.


I think it turned out pretty nice! Having you do that blog was a godsend because I would’ve just eliminated the darts and lowered the front! (but like I said before and as my picture showed I really don’t need darts haha)!!!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

So, as you can see, with just a bit of additional knowledge, Cynde was able to get the top constructed just as she had envisioned.

Congratulations, Cynde, on such a wonderful job, and thank you for sharing your sewing journey with all of us!

Sew ’til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing!



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