Knit Neckline

by Ramona on December 5, 2014

I just got back from teaching at a 3-day event for the Tucson chapter–the winners of the membership drive! I presented one day each on Machine Embroidery, Fitting, and Knits. One of the questions I was asked, was to show how to do a banded neckline for a knit top.

In just a few simple steps, a knit neckline can be created just like is seen in RTW (ready-to-wear) in the stores. This neckline can be made wider and can also be done as two separate colors with one band being narrow like the sample shown, and one band wider behind the narrower one in a different color.

Note: the sample shown is only showing the front area of the top; the back neckline, of course, would be done as well.

I hope you’ll try making a v-neck t-shirt with a band like this. It is so easy to do and gives professional results.

Sew ’til next time, enjoy the journey of sewing!



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