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by Ramona on March 13, 2015

ASG is pleased to announce that the embroidery series is posted on the website for members. We’ve gotten such a wonderful response on the beginning series we thought we’d continue on. Members are telling us that they’ve learned things they were not taught when purchasing their machine (in the defense of dealers, they cannot possibly tell you absolutely everything!) and though the information was a bit technical it has made their embroidery so much better—which is music to this educator’s ears!

Here is a sneak peak about what is in the next section.

Instead of getting more technical in this section, the information needed is imparted to do each project.





The compact mirror tells where to get this great item for embroidery and how to create a monogram to sew on Kiwi paper—a specialty paper made just for embroidery.







The fleece section shows how to create the underlay needed to keep text on top of this lofty fabric and which stabilizers to use for successful results.








Have you seen embroidery on leather and wished you knew what the secret was? Really, it is not hard and by beginning with a small project, this will be the first step to embroidery success for a larger project.





Last year our “Notions” featured a great item made of neoprene foam: luggage handle wraps. These are easy to embroider when you know how. Order these and embroidery them for travel this year to conference!





Mylar is used for helium balloons but Mylar for embroidery is a specialty product in lots of yummy colors! Learn which designs to use it in for a beautiful addition to your embroidery and also learn where to get an acrylic plate to showcase your embroidery–and where to purchase both.




Pat Williams, the digitizer for our series, created the cutest little scissor case—what a great gift idea for sewing friends! Everything, if you can believe it, is done ITH (in-the-hoop). Learn how ITH projects are done totally in the embroidery hoop.





Embroidery on card stock? Yup! With the proper design and stabilizer it is easily done and will wow your family and friends.




Speaking of “wow”ing people, wait until they see that embroidery on wood can be done! Just a couple of little secrets will have you embroidering designs on wood for all kinds of projects.





For the little ones (and older ones, too!) in your life, learn about embroiderable stuffed animals with a secret that makes them easy to do. There is a specialty stabilizer that makes embroidery on these guys so fun and so easy!


Take a look at this new ASG Online class series. After finishing, I actually thought of three more things I’ll eventually be adding to the series….as in all things sewing, one thing begets another.

Sew ‘til next time, enjoy the journey of sewing!


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