It’s almost Conference Time!

by Ramona on July 10, 2015

ASG Conference 2015

Wow! The American Sewing Guild’s Annual Conference is already upon us…it’s next week! It is a bit earlier this year and all staff employees are feeling this extra crunch. But no worries, all is under control. I think we all secretly like the extra anxiety of this crunch because it means that the time is almost upon us to meet and greet the leadership of our chapters, greet our educators, shop the vendor hall, and catch up with all the wonderful members, their spouses and guests. It’s an exciting time to learn new things, see the latest trends in the market for sewing and other fiber arts, get to know our host chapter members, and this year explore beautiful San Diego.

We are often asked, “How does ASG choose a site for conference?” Please take time to read our conference Guru Maria’s article that was published in “Notions”. She explains everything well. You’ll see this is not an easy task and the national board and executive director (along with Maria) work tirelessly to find the perfect accommodations each year. Personally, for the years I have been attending, they make it look so easy and seamless; trust me, conference never disappoints!

Did you know that conference tasks begin two or more years out? First is site selection, then vetting the applications from all those incredible educators and vendors, planning leadership day, meal considerations, speakers, awards, classes, updating the website, and then getting everything ready for registration. After registration is finalized, packets are prepared, tickets printed, volunteers assigned, and on and on. Jennifer, our Admin Assistant, is a critical part of the team in getting everything prepared and where it needs to be on time.

Then of course there is shipping everything needed to the conference site, staff assignments, set-up, take-down, and in between keeping an eye to those attending to make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible and attendees are having a good time. Sometimes I think Maria has cloned herself at conference and we just don’t know it. She is always available, seems to always be everywhere at the same time, and always with an air of patience and understanding of immediate needs and “fixing” whatever needs attention. She truly is an amazing one-woman show of confidence in all that she does. I remember our executive director, Margo, stating at the luncheon speech last year that if Maria ever decided to retire she would have to retire, too! We all laughed. We know the great value each provides not only to the conference but also the entire organization.



Please take a peek at the photos below. They respresent just some of the behind-the-scenes goings-on from conference last year in St. Louis.




Be sure to keep up with conference this year. I’ll be posting all the goings-on to the ASG Facebook page every day. I hope to make it seems like you are there sharing the experience with us if you are unable to attend this year.

Sew ‘til next time…Enjoy the Journey of Sewing!


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