Post Conference Reflections

by Ramona on July 23, 2015

The American Sewing Guild Conference 2015 in beautiful San Diego has come to an end. It is bitter-sweet. I think all who attend wish the conference would last a whole month. There are always more classes offered than one’s schedule permits. Getting to meet and talk with industry “sewing stars” who are so knowledgeable and willing to share is one of the highlights of conference.

If you didn’t get to go to conference, or if you did go and attended all-day classes so you missed some of the other goings-on, check out the ASG Facebook page. Pictures are posted along with some videos that will let you know what happened. Be sure to check out all the smiling faces! An ASG conference brings lots of smiles while learning.

Always anticipated at the conference luncheon is the key note speaker. This year Andrea Schewe was our speaker and she shared her journey from music and theater to designer and patternmaker for Simplicity. Her speech included slides of all the behind the scenes things that need to happen to bring a pattern from concept and sketch to the market and consumer. I don’t think most of us realized all the hands each pattern passes through before we get to bring it to our home. Please bookmark and check out Andrea’s blog.

Each year I attend I get to meet more members and learn about their sewing skills as well as answer questions and am informed about what they’d like to learn. One of the highlights of this conference for me was talking with a member of the Louisville, KY chapter and learning how they are using the ASG Online embroidery series to enhance their skills with their monthly “Embroidery Party”! This is exactly how we hoped our online education would be used. I asked if there was anything she thought was missing from the series. Her response? “Embroidery software education!” We at ASG try to have some forethought and she was excited to learn that was already in the schedule to begin after the first of the New Year.

As conference ends, the staff begins talking about all there is to do the last two quarters of the year….and it seems to be gone as just as fast as we talk about it. It’s hard to believe half of 2015 is over and planning for the 2016 in Indianapolis and the 2017 Orlando conferences is already in full swing. If you have never been to an ASG conference, please plan on attending. If you are not an ASG member, consider joining a chapter near you. The chapters have events and neighborhood groups—and from experience, some of those incredible neighborhood groups and chapter retreats are like little mini-conferences in themselves with the skill, talent, and knowledge shared among members. All skill levels of sewing and interests are welcome. The thing we share is the love of fabric, needle and thread in all its forms.

Sew until next time…enjoy the journey of sewing.


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