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by Ramona on September 11, 2015

Have you been on Pinterest? It is an amazing social forum for absolutely everything! Whether DIY projects, woodworking, gardening, cooking, baking, or whatever interests one happens to have, there is probably a “board” for it.

This week the American Sewing Guild has set up a Pinterest account. I get the pleasure of managing this new social media account….and I’m excited to do so!!! My worry? I’ll get so lost in what I’m doing I’ll forget to keep check on the time. My friends who have had Pinterest accounts for a couple years now have warned me about the deep pleasure of ogling over beautiful pieces of embroidery, crochet, knitting, quilting, sewing and all types of fabric and fiber arts and how hours may pass without realizing it. I know I’ll have to set my stopwatch and give myself only a short time every week to seek out new things to “pin”.

ASG pinterest page

Three “boards” are set up on our Pinterest account: sewing, embroidery, and those who support ASG. Before writing this blog I went through our “Notions” magazine and captured the web pages of our advertisers…well, that is, up until Pinterest said it thought I was spamming and to “try again later”! LOL I now know that Pinterest has limitations on what can be “pinned” at one time. I had to chuckle to myself—a built-in time limit—yay!

Here are links to our three boards (just click on the picture to be taken directly there):

sewing projects


pinterest ad page

Please “follow” our Pinterest boards! It’s fun and it is so easy. If chapters have Pinterest accounts please email me with the links and I’ll start another board to follow our chapter’s Pinterest boards and also one for our youth groups. This is going to be so much fun; I can’t wait to see what you send me, what I find, and what our supporters and “Notions” advertisers give us to “pin”—more inspiration for our creating!

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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