Looking behind…looking forward

by Ramona on September 4, 2015

Here we are at the last “official” weekend of summer already. Honestly, where has this year gone? It often seems like there is never enough time to sew; even when one does it as their profession!

Labor Day Weekend is my weekend of reflection. I look back on the accomplishments of earlier in the year and look forward to what is to come. Prior to joining ASG as a staff member, I would reflect upon my life which consisted of commercial embroidery and custom dressmaking among other things. I’ve worked from home, my husband and I had a commercial/retail business and I also taught at a local college. Organization was the key to keeping everything on track so nothing slipped through the cracks. That was my greatest fear that a deadline wouldn’t be met or I wouldn’t be prepared for a class.

Now I reflect upon not only what has been accomplished since the beginning of this year but also upon my time being a staff member of ASG and while originally developing ASG Online. I’m so fortunate to be able to bring what I know to our members. This great organization allows all of us all to learn from each other, to socialize and make new friends through sewing, and to expand our creativity by trying new techniques, new products, learn through new books, and take new classes the experts in the industry provide.

My greatest joy is hearing from members either through email, postings on Facebook, or personal conversations at conference on how something I did in a class furthered their knowledge on a technique or subject. What I try and do is cut the learning curve and impart through the ASG Online classes the things I wish I would have been told to make something easier or just to have it make more sense. This applies to everything whether fabric, stitch length, a technique or a fix.

It is said that knowledge is power and I think it is especially true in sewing. Knowledge gives us the power to forge ahead. It gives us the power to set fear aside and try a new technique. Knowledge is given to us in many ways and ASG plays a big role for most of us in that way. Many are book-learners (I’m in that category) and others of us are hands-on learners (my husband and son fit that category). Through our chapters, ASG members get together in Neighborhood Groups and prepare programs to share. It can be a new technique with a project or it can be show and shares with explanations and fine examples of beautiful craftsmanship.

Soon there will more new things up in the “Members Only” section of the website that I’ve finished and are being prepared for the website by our webmaster (she is such a guru!) I’m working on some new things this fall that we think will be welcomed information to further your education. Please take advantage of these classes; they are free as part of your membership. Your survey answers are giving us food for thought for things into early next spring and though we can’t possibly entertain every request due to limitations of staff and budget, we do concentrate on what is most requested.

Upon reflecting, I want to personally, and sincerely, thank all our members for your contributions to your chapters and neighborhood groups. You make our organization a success. You are the ones who help each other learn and challenge skills. You are the ones who make ASG strong and present our organization in a positive and giving light to your communities. We read your chapter newsletters and keep up with your good works and your good deeds. Our members are indeed a reflection of our commitment to an industry and to the craft we so enjoy.

Sew ‘til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing!


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