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by Ramona on October 9, 2015

fall notionsI don’t know about you, but I always anxiously await the next issue of “Notions”. I only subscribe to a couple of other magazines but I only seem to eagerly await “Notions”, continually checking the calendar date to see when it will be posted online. I wonder what will I find the chapters have been doing? What are the youth doing that is exciting? Who are the new advertisers I need to check out and what specials are available from favorite advertisers. Yup, our “Notions” is jammed packed with information.sew young“Notions” is available online at the website before the hard copy arrives in the mail box. I’m one that likes publications online—in fact, I’m in the process of switching over the other subscriptions that I have to “online only” because I’m frankly just out of storage space. I like my magazines. I like to keep them. I like to refer back to them and re-read them from time to time. Having them saved on my laptop allows me to always have them with me digitally! I know many don’t like that, but I happen to like being able to savor the content any time I like, anywhere I like. I’m finding more and more that after I read “Notions” or my other magazines online, when the hard copy comes I just shelve it and really never touch it again. I’m wondering why I’m keeping them all when I always have them available at my fingertips on my laptop.

“Notions” was posted online last night and I started looking at it then and then finished up over my first cup of coffee this morning. What a great way to start my day! I saw new advertisers (at least new to me that I may have missed in a previous issue) and the thing I like best is the ability to click on the page ad and I’m taken directly to the website!!! I cannot do that with my hard copy. No waiting, getting out the computer, typing in the URL, and waiting for the website to pop up. Nope, just click and voila! The advertiser’s website to view and explore!


What did I click on this morning? The first thing was Margo’s letter right inside the front cover. The stats from the survey are interesting. I’m so happy we’ve got so many viewing all the educational content for members only on the ASG.org website.Margo

Then there was the page to the right with all the “Sponsor Spotlight”. I always click on their links to check out what may be new in their product lines (who doesn’t just love shopping for new machines, threads and fabrics?) I also checked out the other links—the little Clover iron particularly caught my eye.





clover iron

“Notions” publisher and advertising director Betty Watts has a wonderful article on fringe and there is an attachment about Jim Suzio’s fringe CD’s for machine embroidery.

Did you know that the Rit Dye company now has a product on the market to dye those previously undyeable fabrics? Yup! It is called “Rit DyeMore”. I’m on a dying kick with some personal projects right now so I have to definitely see where I can purchase the beautiful colors available.

rit dye

And check this out! You can make your own espadrilles! I used to wear espadrilles all the time when I lived in Tucson—they were the perfect shoe. Because of “Notions” I’ve learned Dritz has some shoe making products—I see them and I’m thinking they may make a good online class (especially if some embroidery is added!) I will definitely be looking at these.

espidrillesThe fall issue always includes a recap of the ASG summer conference. Be sure to read that article and look at all the pictures to re-live the good time had at conference if you were able to attend or look at it to see what you missed if you were not able to attend. The contests winners are shown along with the wonderful prizes and photos from the incredible fashion show.        fashion showconf 1

Next year’s conference is celebrating a milestone. Starting with this issue of “Notions” a bit of information is given to get you thinking about your entry into the fashion show.2016 fashion show

Please, don’t forget about the “Special Offers” available only to ASG members. There is a special listed in “Notions” on sprays that I often use. Do you take advantage of the list of special offers from advertisers (changed with every issue of “Notions”) before you place your order? If not, get in the habit of looking so you aren’t missing any discounts or free shipping that is being offered.spray

Yup, our “Notions” IS  jam packed! Take a look at the on-line edition while you are waiting for your hard copy to arrive in the mail. Read the articles, click on the advertiser links, and explore to your hearts content. What do you see in “Notions” that captures your interest? Please post your comments on our ASG Facebook page.


Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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