Treasures within Manufacturers’ Websites

by Ramona on October 23, 2015

We all have our favorite websites: favorite machine manufacturer, favorite software, favorite thread, and favorite fabrics among others. We have personal reasons they are our favorites—it could be how we are treated during class time or machine repairs. It could be because the product worked as stated in a product review. It could be ease of use, or functions or features that allow our creative energy to soar. No matter the reasons, we have our favorites.

Do you realize how much information these manufacturers provide to us? Do you frequent their websites? If not, you should—they are a treasure trove of information, project ideas, sometimes free designs, and of course, a great source of information on their products.

After conference I started looking to upgrading my 10 year old serger. By going to the machine manufacturers websites I was able to download .pdf documents of machine specs and comparison charts for various machines. What is my absolute favorite thing about the manufacturers’ websites? Ok, admittedly, I’m somewhat of a geek when it comes to user manuals. I read manuals from cover to cover and when I’m research-shopping. My favorite thing about a website is the ability to download the manuals of the machines I’m interested in and read them cover to cover to see how to use the machine, what features are available that are similar to what I currently have on my machine or what is different on the machine that I may like and didn’t know was new.

I do the same with software. I’m currently researching embroidery software to see if it may be time for me to upgrade (the last commercial upgrade was in 1998!) Over this past weekend I went to manufacturer’s websites to download the product sheets and, again, to download the software manuals. Because these manuals are quite lengthy, I actually start at the back in the index and generally view what will be available in the manual and look for features, an overview of the icons and their uses, and do it all in the comfort of my easy chair while sipping a cup of hot tea. How great is that? That is my way of shopping!

After I’ve narrowed things down to a few selections, I make a list, print out the pages from the manuals and head to the dealer. Price is of course a concern, but not my first concern. Because I’m in the profession of sewing to me it is an enhancement to my career and profession. Just like a carpenter’s tools are essential to their profession, machines, computers, and software are essential to mine. I still have a personal budget, but what is most important to me is the function of the product and I need to know I’ll get help if needed and that the dealership will be able to service the machine and the staff is friendly and helpful.

With holidays coming up, many of the manufacturers and dealers have events and specials. Some will offer special financing which makes acquiring a new machine or software an affordable option.

Here are some links to the major manufacturers’ websites. Please, check them out if you are shopping for a new machine and new software. Look at the tabs and see if there are special events coming to a dealer near you; some will even give advance notice of special pricing and financing. Don’t miss out—use the websites to your advantage when shopping…and don’t forget to use the link to find a dealer near you. Oh…and please let the dealer know ASG sent you!

Sew ‘til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing!





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