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by Ramona on January 22, 2016


Guest post by Anne Marie Soto, editor of Notions, the ASG publication available with membership in the American Sewing Guild:



One of the many delights about being the editor of Notions is the wonderful surprises that land in my inbox. The emails that I receive show that there is no end to the talents of our members and their fearlessness in tackling any type of sewing project. Case in point is the article I received from Cathy Frey about sewing boat cushions. What I loved about it was not only the fact that it is a wonderfully unusual project but that creating the boat covers was a bonding sewing adventure for Cathy, her husband and her son. And this past weekend, as I struggled to put on the newest in a long line of ill-fitting air-conditioner covers (my solution involved lots of wire and duct tape!), I thought of Cathy. If she can make boat seat covers, why can’t I sew an air-conditioner cover that’s the proper size??? Read what Cathy did and see what it inspires you to accomplish!

Speaking of sewing accomplishments, check out this issue’s Sew for the Gold feature. Our members have earned sewing accolades for coats, corsets, hats, half-scale couture, and dolls. Their skills are extraordinary!

Note, too, that ASG is sponsoring a contest: “Anyone Can Win.” It is aptly named because all who enter have an equal chance of winning, regardless of sewing expertise or experience. To enter, make all or part of one of the 14 designated patterns, take a photo and then go to the Members Only section of Click on the Contest 2016 banner and follow the instructions to fill out the entry form and upload and label your photo. Winners will be chosen electronically at random. The first “over 18” member selected will receive a Janome Skyline 57 sewing machine. The first “under 18” winner will receive a $100 gift certificate to Nancy’s Notions. Several of the patterns were selected to especially appeal to the “under 18” group. Please encourage your chapter’s Junior Members and their friends to enter. Those in the “18 and under” category do not need to be an ASG member but they do need an ASG sponsor. That doesn’t mean you had to work with them on their project; all you have to do is sponsor them so they have a connection to the ASG family. Deadline for entering is midnight, EDT, July 1, 2016.

And here’s hoping our cover story inspires you to have some fun with the buttonholes on your next project!

If you have knowledge you’d love to share with your fellow ASG members or comments about what appears in Notions, I’d love to hear from you. Email me at

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