From Grimy to Gleaming!

by Ramona on February 16, 2016

From Grimy to Gleaming!



Many times, for whatever reason, the most obvious things that need to be cleaned get put to the back of the “to-do” list until there comes a time where there is no-more putting it off. That happened with this poor curling iron. My other one finally burned out and it was the replacement for this old one. I kept this one—just in case—and don’t you know, “just in case” came one day about a month ago. I had to get this one out and use it as an emergency replacement and discovered how truly disgusting it was. How it got that way? Well, that’s a story for another day but it really is chalked up to hair products.


I contemplated how to clean it and happened to be in my sewing room, rummaging around looking for a sewing tool and came across the iron cleaner.  It was one of those “AH HA!” moments….curling “IRON” and “IRON” cleaner! Both had the word “iron”…hmmmm…..what did I have to lose?

I didn’t know if it would work but I thought—eh, why not try it. This is a back-up appliance, so no harm if it didn’t work.




Be sure to read the instructions on the product and protect the work surface with a couple of rags.





Picture5Be sure the rags are 100% cotton or this is what will happen and there will be more cleaning to do! This is one of those micro-fiber rags and I had a “duh” moment when the curling iron accidentally slid off the cotton rag onto this rag. Oh well, it made for a good example for this blog.



Since this curling iron was so dirty, I started by placing some cleaner on a folded paper towel and went to work. Be sure the curling iron is heated before beginning or the iron cleaner will not work. Just like an iron for clothing, curling irons get very hot, so work carefully so you don’t burn yourself….how do I know this?





Well, just look at this—it works!




Once a good portion of the gunk was cleaned off with paper towels, then I went to the brown cotton rag placing iron cleaner on it and rubbing it on the curling iron. The ridges on the cloth seemed to really help get the last of the gunk off.





I also was sure to clean under the hair holder.






With just a few minutes of elbow grease, an almost totally sparkling curling iron! A new use for something we sewists always seem to have on hand.




After cleaning, I let the curling iron cool and then ran another damp, clean rag over the barrel parts to make sure all of the iron cleaner had been removed.




What a difference…from grimy to gleaming!




Happy “Iron” cleaning and . . .

’til next time, Enjoy the Journey of Sewing!



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