Make a “Dauber”!

by Ramona on March 29, 2016

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Early last fall I was contacted by the ASG St. Louis chapter to be the key note luncheon speaker for their Spring Fling event which was two weeks ago. It is always such a thrill to do these things because I get to meet members and see many of the wonderful things the chapter is doing.




1917833_456940251177492_125037953959488827_nSoon after being asked I knew what I would speak on and over the past months was collecting my thoughts, putting thoughts into notes, putting together the PowerPoint presentation, and practicing the speech. I also like to do a little something special if I am able. For this event I looked in my stash and put together small “play bags” for attendees. They weren’t allowed to open them until the end of the speech.


One of the things was a small length of wool. I asked if anyone knew what it could be for and no one could answer. When I said it was for each of them to make themselves a “Dauber” for pressing, few knew what it was. A dauber puts a limited amount of moisture exactly where it is needed in a seam for pressing a seam nice and flat. Most of us were taught to spray with water or use a moistened press cloth; this can leave moisture in unwanted areas when all we really need is to have a little water directly over the seam itself.

So, here you go ASG St. Louis Chapter, as promised, the instructions and a video showing you how to make the piece of wool that was in that gift bag into your own dauber to aid you in pressing while you sew.



The  lightweight weight wool was cut about 3 ½”  wide and about 12” long.





The fabric is steam pressed to help alleviate any shrinkage.






Beginning at one short end, the wool is tightly rolled up.







Just continue rolling the wool evenly along the length all the way to the other end.








Be sure the center is tight and all the wrapping is tight. It should feel firm, not squishy.







Now take a needle and thread to secure the rolled wool.



07Tightly wrap the fabric about every half inch or so with a few strands of embroidery floss or a strong thread. A buttonhole stitch may be used or even a slip stitch or cross stitch over the raw edge.








Watch the ASG YouTube video which shows all the steps and also explains how to use the dauber for pressing.







The ASG St. Louis chapter’s Spring Fling was held at the beautiful Lindenwood University campus. The facility was wonderful and the main room we used overlooked the football field.





The luncheon and speech were in the Anheuser-Busch Leadership Room.







The tables had pretty centerpieces made by members.








There was a computer and drop down screen all ready for use when I spoke.






I think the attendees were surprised at all the little things in their bags to “play” with. I hope they’ll have fun making their dauber and playing with and using the other things.







I even made them each a little button sucker to enjoy when they need something a little sweet at some point during their sewing play.





Thank you again, St. Louis Chapter, for inviting me–I had a wonderful time!

Sew ’til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing!


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