What does ASG “Sell”?

by Ramona on March 1, 2016

Recently, while at a fabric store, I was asked a question about sewing. The woman was looking for a specific fabric and she didn’t know what the fabric was so I helped her find the fabric and gave her a few tips for sewing with it. She said to me, “You certainly seem to know a lot about sewing.” I responded by telling her I have a vast background in all types of sewing and it is my passion and profession. She asked where I worked which gave me an opportunity to tell her about ASG.

She then asked me, “Well, what does ASG SELL?” That caught me off guard for a split second as I thought about my answer. I thought, well, we “sell” some thimbles and other ASG items at the website store, but do we really sell anything?

ASG Store

Then the answer instantly came to me; of course we do! But it is not the type of “selling” most non-sewers would think. It isn’t like going to a store and purchasing something—what ASG “sells” is much more substantial than that. “Selling” isn’t always about the money; instead it can be about sharing, giving, and service.

According to Dictionary.com, one meaning for “sell” is: “to transfer (goods) or to render (services)”.  We ASG members transfer goods when we transfer fabric and notions to each other when one of us has something another sewer needs; many times it is a gift to another sewer–usually with no monetary exchange.  We have sewing retreats where this happens often, and we help each other when a sewing dilemma appears.  We render services with the vast knowledge we share with each other at our neighborhood group meetings whether sewing techniques, sewing tips, or just general sewing knowledge to get a new sewists going on a project or a returning sewist’s skills refreshed. Our chapter members render services to their communities in many ways whether to fill a need with special projects to make healing better or to make sure children have hand-crafted stockings at Christmas time.

Our wonderful “Notions” is the ASG quarterly magazine full of great articles and information. Of course, “Notions” sells advertising spots so that the merchants who support our organization are able to tell us about their goods or services. The national educators sell our chapters their time and they render their services in the form of their talent so we learn more about sewing and fitting techniques, show us new tools and products to make our sewing lives more enjoyable and our projects more professional. At chapter events, online or in local stores we are able to purchase the wonderful patterns, fabrics, and notions we learn about.

One huge benefit of ASG is our national conference held once each year. The ASG conference allows chapter members from across the country—and even overseas!–to gather to enjoy each other’s company, meet other chapter members, learn from the best instructors the sewing industry has to offer, help our chapter CAB members become better leaders, meet our national board members, and in general just to enjoy our love of sewing together.

So, what does ASG “sell”? ASG does sell membership so members may enjoy the countless benefits that far outweigh what costs less than a meal for two at a nice restaurant. The meal lasts only the evening, but membership in ASG lasts a whole year and the memories and friendships last a lifetime.

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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