Let’s “Connect” at Conference!

by Ramona on June 9, 2016

01I’m so excited to be able to share something new for conference this year!

Would you like to:

  • Be able to know the spot to meet friends for lunch?
  • Know when the fashion show will be?
  • Share your thoughts about a class you took?
  • Know what’s happening each day?
  • Know where your favorite vendor booth is?
  • Be able to connect with instructors?
  • Share a photo with other conference attendees of your class project?
  • …and MORE?

Now you CAN because there’s an “app” for that—it is call “Topi” (toe-p). Topi is an “event” app for conference attendees. ASG conference attendees can be connected to each other and to all the goings-on right on their cell phone. Topi works much like a “website” in that there is a sidebar menu and it works much like “messaging” in that you can chat and share pictures–in real time– with anyone who has the app. No going to several phone applications to find what you want: “Topi” provides everything in one spot—it is such a convenient time saver!


How does it work? It is EASY-PEASY!

Step 1: on your cell phone go to https://asg2016.topi.com/




Step 2: download the app for your type of phone and follow the instructions.








Step 3: check out and connect at ASG conference via Topi






Topi lets you keep in touch and connect with other ASG Conference attendees:
























Special events









Daily schedules









Conference sponsors




…and you can even chat directly with friends to meet up for lunch or share your excitement about conference with all conference attendees…just connect!





Margo, Jillian, and I have already connected via “Topi” for conference…won’t you join us for this exciting conference year?






Why, “Topi” even has a countdown clock so we know how soon we’ll all get to see each other. . . . .I can hardly wait!


Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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