How to Approach a Yoked Shirt Reconstruction–part 4 of 4

by Ramona on August 8, 2016

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This is the final installment of the 4-part reconstruction of a yoked shirt for our daughter’s friend. In this section you’ll learn the steps to finish topstitching the shirt front and re-assembling the shirt to look about as good as new. You will also learn the reaction her friend had to his “new” shirt.













As you can see, our daughter’s friend loved his “new” shirt! It is quite satisfying to get that kind of a reaction. Many times as sewers we can see in our head how something will look when finished but those that don’t sew can’t envision things like that so our “customer” has to go on faith in what we tell them and our skills in completing the task. If you are just beginning an alteration business it is things like these simple alterations that will spread your skills by word-of-mouth; the best advertising there is. Be sure to hand your customers a few business cards and ask them to hand them out for you when they are very pleased with your work–soon you’ll have a lot of business coming your way.

Sew ’til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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