We Love Men Who Sew!

by Ramona on December 12, 2016

I have been neglecting the blog and I didn’t mean to. I felt I had nothing noteworthy to post. My sewing has been routine (at least in my world) and I had to play “catch-up” on some things due to a family member’s bit of an emergency. All is well now, so my mind has been creatively exploring once again.

Something popped up on my personal Facebook newsfeed over the weekend that prompted just a tad bit of research and a question, “Do we really welcome men who sew?” Well, do we? Or do we think them an “oddity” in our realm of fabric and creativity?

Think about the notable designers: Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Michael Kors (one of my personal favorites), Marc Jacobs, Tom Ford, Pierre Cardin, Oscar de la Renta, Cavalli, Gaultier, Versace, and so many more. I wonder if their design houses also had males who made patterns and sewed samples and fashions for the runway?

We sew with “power tools”—the sewing machine, the serger, our quilting machines, etc., all are powerful and could injure us if we are not careful. The power tools for men are considered to be saws, pneumatic tools, lathes, etc. But, how many of us sewers would also like these kinds of tools?

When we lived in Tucson, I actually took a few months and room by room, I tiled the entire house—all by myself! I had to learn the products, the hand tools, tiling methods, and all about tile saws. I had more fun with that thing and found I could operate it as accurately in cutting tiles as I could my rotary cutter when cutting fabrics.

I have always thought about getting into woodworking but I know that would become as bad (read EXPENSIVE) as my sewing habit. I have always thought if I can sew, I can do pretty much anything! I mean think about it, wood has a “grain”, the “seams” need to be accurate, there are color and “fiber” (i.e. wood) choices—just like sewing.

Since that feed came up on my Facebook page, I decided to google “men who sew” (http://tinyurl.com/hq6j5xu) to see what came up. One was “Man Sewing—with Rob Appell”. He has great YouTube videos and a website (www.mansewing.com) and he is as entertaining as he is informative.

Take a poke around the tinyurl above from the google search and see if there is a man who inspires you. Who knows, maybe they can teach us a thing or two about sewing and quilting and we can teach them a thing or two about laying tile or woodworking.

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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