2017: the year to FOCUS!

by Ramona on January 4, 2017

Happy New Year!

I have the sense of a wonderfully renewed spirit in my sewing room!

Even though it is a new year this won’t be a blog about “resolutions”. I don’t know about you, but I can never manage to keep them anyway—seems life is always throwing curve balls into my plans. It won’t be about sewing “goals” either. Goals are great, but for my sewing life they seem much too much like resolutions.

Instead, my sewing focus this year is just that: FOCUS! Focus on doing the best I can with each stitch I take. Focus on creating projects, embroidery designs, and short videos that will help keep you focused as well. Focus on completing everything I start and FOCUS on deadlines.

How did I come to this? Honestly it was one of those “DUH” moments–an epiphany of sorts and I honestly pondered why I hadn’t come to the realization two years or more ago—though I know; it is because the education program was different (take a look at the list below–join ASG and get access to all the education, FREE!). It came about around last October and panic with a deadline. As part of membership in ASG, our members receive an incredible quarterly magazine called “Notions”. It has a lot of valuable information from a feature article to chapter and youth sewing and events, what our chapters are doing to give back to their community, tours, advertisers new items, machine manufacturer information, and so much more. What does this have to do with “FOCUS”? One word: deadlines.

Before now, I’ve been doing series programs that focused on all kinds of sewing information from simple techniques through drafting patterns—these were not seasonal so there were no deadlines that needed to relate to the magazine deadlines. Through a survey done of members a while back, it was determined they want more projects, more quilting, more embroidery, and PDF files they can download and use in chapter groups. So this new year, that will be my FOCUS. Things will be focused to work together so they are released on the website when they are released in the magazine and I’ll make notifications on the ASG Facebook page and this blog to coordinate with that; like I said, a “DUH” moment—hey, sometimes it takes me a while, ok? LOL

I finished up what I had on my to-do list the last quarter of last year and now I’m in the process of re-arranging how I work by FOCUSing on the next “Notions” deadline. Because “Notions” is not only in digital format for members on the ASG.org website, it comes to each member in print version which means the “Notions” ladies have to have deadlines because there is layout, editing, advertising, and so much more before anything goes to print.  The deadlines are about two and a half to three months before the member receives the print version in their postal box. I realized last October I needed to re-arrange my thinking and planning to something that would work with the “Notions” deadlines for what I want to do for the members this year. Each of the new things for ASG Online is listed in the magazine and I want it to relate the seasonal release of the magazine: Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.


My FOCUS currently is Summer—yes, summer–and boy is it hard to work on summer projects when the real-feel temperature outside is -14! The release of the next magazine is in April which is too late to do spring things (I’m disappointed because I had something really cute originally planned, but I’ll just save it until next spring) so I decided to start with summer projects so members would have time to complete the projects. In between finishing up last year’s work list, I decided what the first summer project would be. I have the fabric and a specialty tool ordered and this afternoon I’ll start to cut the project—it is a project that will be good for all skill levels and will have a couple of options for more experienced sewers. From there, the Summer issue will have fall things, the Fall issue winter things and so on.

By FOCUSing I honestly feel a renewed energy—it’s going to be a GREAT year for sewing!

Sew ‘til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing!












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