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by Ramona on June 1, 2017

Mom needs a new pair of jeans.

She gave me a pair of her jeans that has a hole worn in the knee and asked that I just put a patch on them because they are good enough to wear around her apartment. As a dutiful daughter, I brought them home to repair them. The fabric is worn in more areas than the knee, though—Mom! You need some new jeans!!!! Like many of us, Mom has had some medical issues and had a hard time finding a pair of jeans that had a looser elastic waist and simple, no fuss fit that she can just wear around her home.


I looked for a brand tag, there wasn’t one; however, there was a tag with an RN number! If you don’t know what an RN number is, it is a registration number filed with the government by a manufacturer of clothing and textiles—this is not required by the government, but is certainly nice when done by the manufacturer for a whole host of reasons. The one we’ll explore here is finding mom her jeans. Now, in doing this, one never knows what they’ll find. As we all know, manufacturers do sometimes keep clothing pieces from season to season, but many times things are made only for a season or two and then changed in some manner or are out of a line altogether. No matter, I wanted to see if I could find Mom the jeans she enjoys.





I went to the Federal Trade Commission website (https://rn.ftc.gov/Account/BasicSearch), entered the RN number from the tag, and clicked the search button.






Voila! I now have a manufacturer, and upon clicking the blue link of the name






this page comes up. Now I at least have the manufacturer/importer and a bit of information about the company and its location.






Using the Google search engine, I can find out more information about this company. I ask Google where this manufacturer sells jeans. I click the first link which is the corporate page.





Here is the website for the manufacturer and at the bottom of the home page I can see the brands made. I click on several links on the website, but cannot find exactly what I’m looking for. Ok, this gets me closer, but still not what I need.



So, I do another Google search with the company name and include the number at the bottom of the tag—which I surmise is the garment style or inventory or some other number used by the company to identify the style as being an elastic waist, pull on jean…

…and on the right of the search page is a link to the style number by the manufacturer!



I click on the link and see where this jean my mom likes is sold. Now that I see that, I recall my dad went to Blain’s to buy something and I vaguely recall her telling me at the time she found the jeans there when they lived in IL years ago.


I click on that link and am taken to the store’s website and now I can order mom two new pair of jeans!

I could have asked her where she got them, but then I wouldn’t have an educational blog to share with you and most of all, these new jeans wouldn’t be a surprise for Mom! Shhhhhh—please don’t tell her! I know she’ll be thrilled when they arrive in her mailbox next week.

Sew ‘til next time…enjoy the journey of sewing!


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