The happiness and bane of a new computer

by Ramona on August 18, 2017

This is the first post on this page from my new laptop. Due to some (three to be exact) sales people giving me mis-information about what I needed and what I wanted to do with it, this computer almost went back. However, I found an accessory that will make it work like I want so I’m a happy camper once again. It is so frustrating when sales people don’t know their own product line. I had educated myself the best I could before purchasing, but there were a couple of things that I didn’t know so I counted on the sales person to guide me. Turns out all three didn’t know. It took almost two months of bantering back and forth, returning an accessory, being shipped another, only to find out it, too, was wrong and wouldn’t work! After doing more research myself, I was finally able to figure out what this laptop was actually capable of and what would and would not work with it. I’m not a real “techie” type person (but consider myself an experienced user) and I expected the sales people to be but they were not—after all this I got the feeling all they wanted to do was sell me something.
After all is said and done, after all my own research, I’m now mostly very happy with the purchase. I have also discovered through the research that what I really want isn’t in the market–at least not yet. Perhaps I could have had what I wanted built, but I’m pretty sure it would have been out of the range of my budget. Maybe by the time I’m ready for another computer in five or seven years, there will be one on the market.
Also, one more thing I discovered, is techie’s maybe shouldn’t write user manuals–maybe seasoned users should. There is something I’ve been searching and searching and searching to do and couldn’t find it in the help menu (I’m a manual reader! LOL) nor on any of the websites for the laptop, user sites, etc. Upon playing around last night, I discovered one simple left click gets me to exactly where I want to be…ugh. It is so frustrating sometimes when these companies make things “user friendly” only to find our favorite things in one operating system are now a function done in a different way or gone all together in the new operating system. One simple left click….goodness me; so easy, yet, not in the manual.
Oh well. So, this weekend will be the beginning of reloading programs and transferring files–I’m considering a software program to do all this, but all of them have mixed reviews so I’m not sure about that yet. If it works perfectly then it would be money well spent. If it flubs and I have to undo and redo, then it is time wasted. I’ll do a little more researching before I decide. There are so many ways to transfer them from backup drives, DvDs, USB drives, cloud, software, network, bluetooth, and on and on. There are pros and cons to all of them.
Wish me luck–but I hope I won’t need it.
Until next time…enjoy the journey of sewing (and computing!)….

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