The Mystery of the Missing File Content–spoiler alert: it’s still a mystery!

by Ramona on October 24, 2017


In my life, working with technology is such a “love/hate” relationship—thank goodness, mostly it’s “love”!

This summer I replaced a laptop with a new one to run new software that would not run on an old operating system. Long story short, the new laptop had to be replaced because the registry was corrupt. I spent a few hours with customer service and in the end, they decided to send me another new one. That required unloading everything I had loaded, waiting for the new machine to arrive, and then re-loading everything onto this laptop. All has been going well until last night.

Yesterday I spent almost all my work day finalizing the recording and editing of video for the website on how to digitize an “ITH Welt Pocket” for machine embroidery. Everything went well, and I was ready to upload the video to FTP site for our webmaster to put on the website after I get the second video finished. Filezilla gave me an “update” notice which I did and then I uploaded the video, and closed out.

The work I did was in Camtasia software which I’ve been using for several years now. I wanted to do a “zipped” file of all the content (videos, audio, photos) and file it so I have all the original content that was used for the video I had uploaded in one place; that is when my heart sank to my stomach—all the content in the original folder was GONE!!!! GONE!!! Just plain GONE!!!!!! How could this be????? And better yet, where had it gone???? That is when panic set in because I still need all those files in case I have to correct something and I really did not want to have to re-create everything all over again!

I did a search of the hard drive—nothing. I did it again—nothing. And a THIRD TIME—NOTHING! I right clicked on the folder to see if there were any “bytes” in there—nothing. I took to the Internet and did a search to see if anyone else was having these problems. I wasn’t sure whether I was happy or not, but yes, there are many folks having the same problems (I have friends who tell me I should be working on a MAC but I have too much software that operates with Windows only—not to mention, they have their problems, too.)

One suggestion I found was it could be malware, so I downloaded my favorite malware search product and ran a scan—no malware; well, at least that was good news. Another person I found obviously was a “techie” because as I read he started talking about doing things in the registry—ya, no, I know my limits and I am not studied enough to start messing with the registry. One other person said to restart the computer and see if that would correct it. I said a silent prayer and did it. After the re-boot, the folder was still empty but something interesting happened—

I decided to do another search of the hard drive—nothing. I right clicked on the folder again and this time, the properties showed 1.87G of content! Yay! At least it showed content.

But when I opened the folder, it showed empty!

After a little more researching, I read to go into the hard drive, through the user menu, find the folder and open it from there instead of from the desktop. Voila! I saw the file content! I IMMEDIATELY created a new folder and copied the content to the new folder (of course, not knowing whether or not this would work). As I was doing this, the folder kept just closing on its own so I had to keep opening it to keep copying the content to the new folder; I had to do this six times. I have no clue why that happened.

So all is well that ends well on that end but now I have a folder sitting on the desktop that I cannot delete no matter what I try. Today will include a call to customer support for this laptop to see if they can help me figure out what happened. Could it be a glitch from updating Filezilla? I rather doubt it but who knows. An update on that software has never caused problems before. I was beginning to think these files had gone off to play with the socks that always seem to go missing from the clothes dryer.

Luckily I do back up to a cloud and I also back up to an external hard drive. We were on vacation for two weeks and I haven’t done that in over three weeks so you know what I’ll also be doing today. I checked the cloud and because I had just worked on all the files, they weren’t yet backed up to the cloud.

Moral of the story—keep your security software updated, do scans as required and recommended, back up ALWAYS and often, and always create a restore point before updating or installing software. I had not done that before updating the Filezilla program (though I still don’t think that was the cause). Hopefully the call to customer service today will give me further insight into what happened. Stay tuned!

Sew ‘til next time….enjoy the journey of sewing (and computing)!


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