“Pinned” Cushions

June 20, 2014

I’ve set up a Pinterest account, but I have not done anything with it. To me it looks like a lovely black-hole to steal time. I’m afraid if I start looking and pinning, I’ll loose hours and hours and hours of time without realizing it. When I set up the Pinterest account, I was invited […]

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Memorial Ribbon

Thumbnail image for Memorial Ribbon May 23, 2014

  As I place the American flag outside the front door every day, I stop briefly to remember those who have served to keep our freedoms on this soil. This weekend I’ll take an extra moment. Probably like you, our family has many members who have proudly served in our armed forces. A couple of […]

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Flawless Invisible Zipper

February 13, 2014

I’ve been working on a project for our ASG udsgnit-ucr8it series. The project is in conjunction with our Design Your Dream Prom Dress Contest. A step in the project is inserting an invisible zipper. When first learning to insert an invisible zipper, of course I read through the instructions that come in the zipper package. […]

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A Curved Needle and a Ladder Stitch

Thumbnail image for A Curved Needle and a Ladder Stitch January 31, 2014

I asked folks on our American Sewing Guild Facebook page this week, what their favorite hand stitch is and which hand needle they like to use. I wrote that I would share mine in this blog.   Years ago a very dear lady, Pat Carless, taught me how to make teddy bears. We’d go to […]

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…”but I have no desire to do machine embroidery…”

January 10, 2014

I’ve started working on an extensive series on machine embroidery for our ASG online video series. I recently posted a question on Facebook asking what folks would like to know, that they don’t know, about machine embroidery. One comment from a non-machine embroiderer was wonderful in that it reminded me that not everyone wants to do […]

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Easy Personalized Stockings

December 3, 2013

I’m getting ready to start a new series for ASG: Machine Embroidery! We’re going to be covering all the topics for successful machine embroidery from choosing a design appropriate for a project and fabric, to stabilizers, threads, needles and more.. These will be small segments and in the archive of the ASG.org website available to […]

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Something Old, Something New…..

October 21, 2013

I have a friend getting married soon. She is crafty, she sews and quilts, and she appreciates anything handmade. She also has lots of pets who are her “kidz” and her family. She wishes all of them could be with her on her special day. This dear lady and her man are having a traditional, […]

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Easy, Perfected, Hand-Quilting

September 5, 2013

As the holidays approach, we’re always looking to do something special for the folks we love. Perhaps one of those things this year may include some hand-stitching on a quilt project. There are machines that will do quilting for us, but every now and again, nothing, just nothing, competes with a hand-stitched gift. People know […]

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Learning from the Past

June 27, 2013

What is it about sewing books that draw us to them? Is it the author? Do we wish to somehow, through osmosis, hope to absorb some of their knowledge? Is it the pictures through the color and detail shown us we, too, are able to do such creations? For me, I think it is the […]

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Missing out by waiting for that “magical number”. . .

June 20, 2013

Pattern Alteration and Garment Fitting. Strikes fear in most of us, huh? There are so many methods, each instructor having their own techniques that they have perfected. There are books by industry leaders like Palmer/Pletsch (http://www.palmerpletsch.com/), videos and Live Stream TV by Peggy Sagers (http://www.silhouettepatterns.com/), books that teach fashion pattern drafting  such as those by […]

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