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The Guild is made up of over 125 Chapters with nearly 1,000 Neighborhood Groups. Chapters promote sewing in local communities through encouragement education and support.


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 Search for an ASG Chapter by Zip Code

If you are unable to find a chapter in your specific zip code, please expand your search radius. There may be a chapter in your area with a mailing zip code that is outside of your chosen radius.



Neighborhood Groups

A neighborhood group is a part of a chapter. Chapters often have neighborhood groups in several towns. A neighborhood group’s attendees are members of the chapter and get together to hold informal meetings — usually once a month. Some neighborhood groups specialize in programs about one topic such as embroidery and others cover all sewing topics. Chapter members may attend as many neighborhood group meetings as they wish — within their chapter or across the nation.

What can I do if there is no chapter in my area?

There may be a Neighborhood Group that meets nearby – try contacting the chapter presidents of the nearest chapters to find out. Perhaps you’ll find a group that meets in a nearby town. Or maybe one of the chapters would like to help you organize a small group in your town. Or you may want to start a brand new chapter:

1. Request and read information about ASG and the development process. You will be contacted by us and receive Kit #1.

2. Host an organizational meeting with the help of Kit #2.

3. Recruit at least five people to serve as an organizing committee and another ten to join ASG to get started.

4. You’ll get Kit #3 and a small amount of seed money to give you a head start. After completing a successful year which includes chapter meetings an event or two publishing a newsletter and recruiting more members there’ll be a new chapter to add to our ranks!  And you started it all.

To ask a question or to request Kit #1 write to us (select “Start a New Chapter” in the message box) and request Kit #1 or ask a question.


This page last updated: Thursday, September 10, 2015